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Texting is the fastest, easiest and most productive form of communication. It is the best way to get answers or alerts, saving you time. However, texting alone is not secure enough or compliant - exposing organizations to HIPAA violations. Lua provides you with all of the benefits of texting and more, but in a secure environment. Lua also increases staff productivity and streamlines your workflow. Get the leading HIPAA compliant messaging solution that employees will love and IT can trust.

Introducing New Technology in Healthcare Organizations

Although still met with some resistance healthcare organizations are becoming increasingly more receptive to new technologies in the workplace. There are many benefits to incorporating new services and platforms, however, effective onboarding strategies should not be overlooked. Your organization isn’t just introducing a new technology, it is also making big changes to the everyday processes […]

Simplifying File Sharing in Behavioral Health

Keeping employees in the loop can be challenging, especially in fast paced behavioral health settings where several providers are often involved in a single patient’s care. Quick communication and file sharing with added accountability are essential for improving workflow and ensuring that all members of the team are on the same page. The robust sharing […]

Adding Cyber Security Professionals to your Healthcare IT Team

What sets an organization that responds well to a cyber security breach apart from one who doesn’t is whether or not they have skilled cyber security professionals in their IT team to get them through. Security software, early malware detection and cyber security awareness programs for employees can help protect companies to some degree. However, […]

Improving Workflows and Efficiency with Secure Messaging

The need to adhere to security regulations often makes it difficult for healthcare organizations to take advantage of the convenience and speed of technology and still remain HIPAA compliant. Harnessing the power of seamless communication is necessary to optimize workflows in healthcare environments, as improved workflows help organizations operate at their best and also help […]

Tips for Improving HIPAA Compliance in Rehab Facilities

Ensuring that your addiction or substance use disorder rehabilitation facility is adhering to all HIPAA compliance rules and regulations requires the examination of several areas that are often major weaknesses. Rehabilitation facilities are aware of the threats to security and compliance, but don’t always know the best ways to protect themselves. If an organization is […]

Not Sufficient for Healthcare

In busy healthcare environments, the convenience of texting can’t be denied, but how does one find a balance when leaving out identifying patients details yet still providing other providers with enough information? The De-identification process claims that by removing up to 18 known specific pieces of patient data, it is impossible for non-authorized individuals to […]

Texting in Treatment Settings: How to Ensure You are HIPAA Compliant

We are excited to share that Lua will be hosting a webinar in conjunction with Behavioral Healthcare Executive on August 15th, 2017 at 1:00PM ET, 12:00PM CT. Our CEO and Founder, Michael DeFranco, will break down the dangers of using consumer applications and other non-compliant text tools to share sensitive data in behavioral healthcare and […]

Are your Employees using Secure Passwords?

Ensuring that employees are creating unique passwords is exceptionally difficult. Although most know in theory not to reuse passwords or use the same one across multiple interfaces, many still do out of convenience or comfort. However, this means if a hacker uncovers the password for one network, they can easily gain access to all the […]

PHI Exposed After E-Mail Breach at Mental Health/Substance Abuse Provider

When it comes to securing a patient’s protected health information, mental health and addiction treatment providers have to take greater precaution due to the especially sensitive nature of the data that is handled. Illegal drug users are not protected under anti-discrimination laws meaning that a data breach puts their personal lives at risk of many […]

US HIPAA Breach Cost Twice the Global Average per Record

A recent report developed by the Ponemon Institute concluded that the cost of Healthcare data breaches continue to remain the highest out of any industry, with the average cost being $380 per record. For all other industries, the average cost per record is $141, meaning that a breach of healthcare data costs 2.5 times more […]

Hackers Are Just Getting Started; WannaCry Update

It is anticipated that the devastating global malware attacks of WannaCry are only just beginning, with more severe assaults on the horizon. As the technology and social engineering landscape continues to develop, layered and comprehensive security approaches must be created to protect confidential information. It’s not a matter of if, but simply a matter of […]

Delivering Patient-Centric Care

In healthcare, transdisciplinary teams often collaborate in order to develop multifaceted and individualized care plans for patients. Providers from a variety of disciplines band together to share solutions and strategies in order to develop and execute optimal healthcare plans for patients. This type of approach of coordinating care is often used for patients who have […]

3 Cyber Security Threats Lua Helps Protect Against

Healthcare organizations manage and share the protected health information (PHI) of thousands of patients, making them one of the top targets of cyber criminals. Most implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies that can increase the likelihood of HIPAA violations or cyber security threats if not done so correctly. Lua helps mobile healthcare organizations work […]

MHealth Advancements in Texting and Wearables Improve Care

Recent studies have shown that mobile healthcare and texting apps, in collaboration with physicians, help patients improve monitoring and management of chronic illnesses and medication adherence. A study conducted on a small group at Washington University in St. Louis found that using two-way texting to communicate with patients could be more effective in promoting medication […]

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