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Login VSI is a young and energetic international software company focused on helping both end-users and vendors of virtual desktop infrastructures to design, build, implement and protect the best performing hosted desktop infrastructures possible.

Login VSI’s #VDILIKEAPRO Lab Publishes Tuning Template for Microsoft Windows Server 2016

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Follow-up to the popular Windows 10 Tuning Template promises Server 2016 performance gains of up to 25%Boston, MA, March 1, 2017 Login VSI, the industry leader in digital workplace performance management solutions for virtualized desktops, today published the Microsoft Server 2016 Tuning Template. This new expert performance tuning guide leverages the knowledge gained through Login […]

Digital Experience Monitoring and the Move to Customer-Centric IT

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“The key goal for every IT employee is customer satisfaction”The most successful CIOs and IT teams have empathy for their end users and focus on making sure they’re happy. That’s not just some feel-good message; it’s SAP CIO Thomas Saueressig’s recommendation for running a strategic, successful IT organization today, amid the disruptions of digital transformation. […]

Login VSI’s “VDI Reference Architecture Monthly”

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Happy new year and welcome to the first Reference Architecture Monthly of 2017. Sorry it has taken me a while to get this one out. We’ve been having fun at the end of year festivities while also preparing some really cool stuff for Login PI and Login VSI. There were two reference architectures posted in […]

Login VSI Releases PI v1.5 with Network Latency Reporting

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Login PI 1.5 virtual users provide proactive performance insights before real users are affectedLogin VSI, the industry leader in providing proactive performance management solutions for virtualized desktops, today unveiled the new release of Login PI. This enhanced version now provides 24/7 predictive data for both network latency and logon details. These new features let infrastructure […]

Fluctuation in VDI Test Results you can solve with Login VSI

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As a test engineer at Login VSI, I perform many tests each day. But to give some scientific value to these test results, I usually repeat these tests at least 10 times to make sure that there is not a lot of variance between tests with the exact same settings. Some of our customers seem […]

VDI predictions for 2017: Automation, cloud, chatbots and more

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This year is not going to be exciting when it comes to VDI, there I said it.. On the other hand, for Login VSI customers it will be. While the VDI market continued its expansion in 2016, we were able to seize opportunities and overcome challenges. In fact, this is a result of our continuous […]

LoginVSI – VDI Reference Architecture Monthly

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Here we are again with another post for the Reference Architecture Monthly. I’m finding that there is a lot of great information with respect to proofs of claim and sizing, which is incredibly useful if you are trying to architect your own solution. In most cases these documents will carry this information, but what is […]

Microsoft Azure: Does spending (a bit more money) on your VM’s make a difference on User Experience?

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Recently my colleague Jasper used Login PI to test the performance of a well-known cloud provider to see what their out of the box performance would look from the user experience point of view. Quickly we realized that, regardless of the hoster, If you want to move your desktops to the cloud it would entail […]

Most memorable VDI moments of 2016

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We have come to the closure of another year. Traditionally this is a time of reflection on the year that has gone by. Looking back, Login VSI is proud of the fact that we have been able to continue the trend of constant growth and improvement. In the past year, this resulted in a few […]

How upgrading to Windows Server 2016 impacts VDI

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Windows Server 2016 released several weeks ago, and for RDS and VDI, it’s got a lot of great new features going for it. Click here to download the white paper now.A couple of my favorites: Direct Device Assignment (DDA) allows you to dedicate GPUs to virtual machines. New codecs for clearer text. Storage Spaces Direct […]

Login VSI Extends VDI Portfolio with New Virtual Workspace Management Solutions by Adding Login AM and Citrix Published Apps support

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Adds support for Citrix Published Apps and automated deployment and management to enhance user experience Login VSI today announced an expansion of its workspace management product portfolio by adding Login AM, automation software for deploying and managing dynamic Windows infrastructures, and by adding support of Citrix published applications. The new Login VSI software suite provides […]

The Ultimate Windows 10 Tuning Template for any VDI Environment

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A couple of weeks ago we organized the first #VDILIKEAPRO webinar about theultimate performance tuning tips and tricks for Windows 10 in VDI (go check it out, it is recorded for your convenience). We actually started testing Windows 10 in our own labs about six months ago. In January we decided to give the new […]

Quickly parse and filter external performance data with PPD – Login VSI Tips and Tricks

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If you ask the Login VSI support department what they think is the most important part of a Login VSI test they will probably reply with “performance data”. External performance data from VMware ESXtop or Microsoft Performance Monitor is extremely valuable to fully understand the impact of a Login VSI test in a centralized desktop […]

Scalability testing with Login VSI: X-IO perspectives

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As part of Technical Marketing at X-IO, one of the parts of my job that I enjoy the most is doing performance testing, and I was asked to share how we use Login VSI in our labs. One of the ways that we leverage Login VSI is in scalability testing for VMware Horizon View 6 with our […]

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