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Login VSI is a young and energetic international software company focused on helping both end-users and vendors of virtual desktop infrastructures to design, build, implement and protect the best performing hosted desktop infrastructures possible.

Introducing the Login VSI Knowledge Base

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Best Practices and Helpful Articles from our Services TeamLogin VSI helps to achieve the best user experience in your Digital Workspace environments.  Our Support Services team has a similar mission: provide our customers with the best support experience.  With this dedication in mind, we have been hard at work to create an online Knowledge Base portal […]

Login VSI is Finalist in Best of Citrix Synergy 2017 Awards

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Login PI 2.0, with its unique Virtual User Technology, wins Finalist award in New Technology Category Login VSI, the industry leader in digital workplace performance management solutions for virtualized desktops, announced that Login PI 2.0, with its unique Virtual User Technology, was named a finalist as part of the Best of Citrix Synergy 2017 awards. […]

State of the VDI / SBC Union Survey Results Report

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At our community site VDILIKEAPRO.com we recently surveyed almost 1000 persons who work in the End User Computing industry with a focus on VDI and SBC. This survey has been held for the 4th time and with so many responses from all over the world it offers us some unique insights in the state of […]

8 Reasons to Choose Login PI for Digital Workplace Performance Management

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Login PI quietly turned two years old recently. As we prepare for the upcoming release of Login PI 2.0, let’s take a quick look back at the history of Login PI, and then a look forward at what’s coming up. Login PI should be recognized, first and foremost, for bringing the virtual user into production […]

Three Reasons Gartner Thinks VDI and DaaS User Experience Matters

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Gartner Analysts Nathan Hill and Michael Silver recently published a research note titled “Define and Prioritize the User Experience to Succeed with VDI and DaaS.” The article is aimed at someone preparing to adopt or refresh a remote desktop solution, and calls out some critical learnings that I’ve also noticed in the years I’ve been […]

Login VSI showcases Predictive Digital Workplace Performance Solution at Citrix Synergy

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Login PI 2.0 Virtual Users Provide End-to-End Visibility into the User Experience Login VSI, the industry leader in digital workplace performance management solutions for virtualized desktops, will be showcasing its digital workplace performance solution, Login PI 2.0, at Citrix Synergy, held this week at the Orange County Convention Center. Login VSI will demonstrate Login PI […]

Include user experience in Splunk with Login PI

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With the new release of Login PI the API is updated. This API can be leveraged to enabled integrations with other solutions, allowing you to have a centralized solution to view the performance of all your environments. To enable others, we have created a prototype for a Splunk App which is fully integrating with Login […]

VDI Like a Pro: Announcing the State of VDI and SBC union survey 2017

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Amsterdam: We’re back! The industry’s biggest (almost) annual survey has just started again. For a couple of years now one thing is clear: Many discussions in the End User Computing, VDI and SBC space are not just about performance best practices and product comparisons. With so many VDI and SBC deployments out there, the differences […]

Login VSI Announces Login PI 1.6 with New Secure API

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Integration of virtual user performance data into third-party analysis and monitoring tools drives predictive digital user experience analyticsLogin VSI, the industry leader in digital workplace performance management solutions for virtualized desktops, today announced the immediate availability of Login PI 1.6. This new release of the Login PI software includes new dashboard and scheduling features, and […]

Announcing Login PI 1.6 General Availability

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Coming off the successful release of Login PI 1.5 last January, today the Login PI team releases version 1.6, which includes some great new features, and some cosmetic improvements, to make integrating Login PI much easier and much faster. Here are the things you can look forward to in the new release: Updated Configuration PagesWith […]

Web Browsing & Advertising Impact on Scalability

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The web browser has become the heaviest application on VDI and RDS Web advertising can account for over 25% of all CPU processing on a VDI or RDS host You can increase scalability up to 33% or more with some simple configuration changes First, I would like to thank LoginVSI for allowing me to use […]

Login AM 2017: A Fresh Perspective in Image Management

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Over the years, many of our Enterprise customers have enjoyed the capabilities of Login AM to help simplify their virtual desktop and hosted application deployments. Recently we have seen a pickup in the frequency of update requirements, like that of Windows 10. These updates present challenges to large organizations, as to stay current, they must […]

Login VSI 4.1.25 Offers Improved Performance and New Dashboard Features

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Over the last few months we have been working hard to add several new features and improvements in Login VSI. Today we are releasing 4.1.25, and here are some things you can look forward to. First we’ll start with a beta feature that will help you to know more about your VMware vSphere servers at […]

How to Improve your Windows Server 2016 Performance

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We’ve released our VDI Like a Pro Wincdows Server 2016 Tuning Template! With this new tuning guide now available, in this blog I will discuss how: General guidelines for improving OS performance on VDI and RDS(H) are standardized. Not-Optimized Windows Servers can account for over 25% decrease of performance scalability (user density) on a VDI […]

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