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LogicMonitor’s automated SaaS performance monitoring platform provides IT Ops teams with end-to-end visibility and actionable metrics to manage today’s sophisticated on-premise, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures. Deploy and manage your monitoring faster and automatically with AutoDiscovery™ of devices. Act on infrastructure performance data using built-in and customizable dashboards, performance forecasting, and complete reporting. Use built-in workflow capabilities including alerting routing and escalation management to improve your IT team’s issue response and resolution time.

Citrix Ready Technical On-Demand Webinar with LogicMonitor

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Find out how to increase visibility into Citrix NetScaler with LogicMonitor’s performance monitoring via the fine folks at Citrix Ready.

LogicMonitor: Talking SaaS, Cloud, Datacenter Podcast – Episode 201

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In episode 201, Douglas Brown interviews Jeff Behl, Chief Network Architect at LogicMonitor. Jeff and Douglas discuss Jeff’s experience building a real SaaS based datacenter and LogicMonitor’s networking monitoring solution. Jeff explains the trials and tribulations, how it all works, the future of cloud, SaaS, Software defined datacenter, DevOps, and much, more. Truly a fun […]

LogicMonitor: SaaS Network Monitoring Podcast – Episode 159

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In episode 159, Douglas Brown interviews Steve Francis, Founder & Chief Product Officer at LogicMonitor. Steve and Douglas discuss LogicMonitor’s unique SaaS based network monitoring solution. Steve discusses why we should care, how it all works, how they are different and better than their competition, what we can look forward to in the future, and […]

New eBook: The Comprehensive Guide to SNMP

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Any technical education in monitoring would be incomplete without a thorough understanding of SNMP. SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol. In real life, it is often not simple; does not only apply to network devices; and often cannot be used for management of devices, only monitoring. It is definitely a protocol, however.  For those of you who need […]

For MSPs & CSPs: 3 Ways to Monetize Monitoring

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Here at LogicMonitor we have many different types of service providers as customers and many of which have given us great insight into the business and have taught us how they successfully sell monitoring. Below are some specific techniques that service providers can utilize to monetize monitoring through out the entire customer life cycle. Acquisition […]

Optimizing the Cloud-based Environment

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Cloud-based environments are hardly new to IT, but there are plenty of nuances to the technology that can cause issues for IT. As simple cloud connections evolve into more complex hybrid clouds, it becomes increasingly important to get ahead of the optimization process. I asked Kevin McGibben, CEO of LogicMonitor, What do you consider key to managing […]

Bandwidth Hogs and Traffic Spikes: Using LogicMonitor’s Network Traffic Flow Analysis

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If you’re and avid reader of our release notes and press releases (if not, you should check them out), you already know that we just released a big upgrade to our Network Traffic Flow Analysis (formerly known as Netflow) with a beta release of the new LogicMonitor UI. What you might not know is how the new Network Traffic […]

2015 Predictions: How Applications will or will not Meet the Cloud in 2015

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The New Year is a time for resolutions and the enterprise is making some of its own. Beginning with leaving behind the memories of growing pains in cloud computing and coming into a higher, or maybe deeper, level of transformation. In 2015 as enterprise IT becomes even more complex, the dollar spend put towards the […]

Highlights from 2014 and a preview of what’s next

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2014 was a helluva run. We thought you might like to hear a bit about what we accomplished and, more importantly, what you can expect from LogicMonitor in ‘15. 2014 Company Highlights added several hundred new customers from all over the world including leading tech companies, service providers and larger IT Ops teams grew by […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of going from MSP to CSP

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Recently at IT Nation I led a panel discussion on the “good, bad and ugly” associated with the trend and experiences of MSPs transitioning to CSPs. This article captures the main takeaways from the panel session. Should MSP owners and operators re-invent their businesses as CSPs and what are the key considerations in doing so? Is it […]

AWS Monitoring the right way

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At the recent Amazon re:Invent show, LogicMonitor demonstrated its new AWS integration and monitoring. (We also announced another set of free tools – JMX Command Line Tools – but more on that later.) “Why”, you may be asking, “is this interesting? Doesn’t Amazon provide monitoring itself via CloudWatch? And in any case, aren’t there many ‘cloud centric’ companies […]

LogicMonitor Releases Latest Free IT Ops Tool

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LogicMonitor, the leading automated IT infrastructure monitoring platform, today announced the release of their latest free IT operations tools, JMX Command Line Tools™. This product set provides users with performance metrics via command line of any Java-based application in real time. LogicMonitor has released two tools in this product set, JMXtop and JMXstat, both of which are configurable for Java applications. […]

What you didn’t know about LogicMonitor’s new Alerts UI

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The beta version of the new Alerts UI has been available to LogicMonitor users for a few months now.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you should (keep reading to find out how).  But even those who’ve tried the sexier new UI may not have noticed all the sweet new features we’ve introduced along with […]

Your partial failures may be complete failures to your customers

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Can LogicMonitor, a developer of datacenter server monitoring, where we monitor everything in all sorts of ways, have an undetected customer affecting issue?  Yes. We just had an issue that was reported by some trial customers, before our techops team was aware of it. Even worse, after techops thought they had addressed the issue, the […]

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