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LittleMsMobile by Kristin Montag
With over 8 years of experience in the tech industry (virtualization and enterprise mobility), Kristin Montag became an Enterprise Mobility Specialist. She gained her extensive knowledge of this market in her roles as Product Manager and eventually Managing Director at Cortado Mobile solutions, a company providing a complete solution for Enterprise Mobility with a focus on mobile productivity. Before her change to Product Management, she gained 7 years of experience in international sales covering France, USA, Nordics and Germany. Her roles included Key Account Management, Channel Development and Director of Sales. Thanks to her close contact to customers and industry partners she analyzes new technologies, understands customer requirements and serves the latter with strategic advice. She shares her knowledge on www.littlemsmobile.com.

Sony Digital Paper – a review

Do you have to read and/or edit a lot of text and have you ever wished you could do that on an eye-friendly background? Actually, this is one of the reasons why people still print a lot. It is just easier to read on paper than it is on a screen. E-ink readers have helped […]

iOS 9.3 Night Shift – I love it!

If you’ve browsed a bit through my blog you might have realised that I’m intrigued about finding a good way to read on digital devices. I’ve written about reading on tablets and e-ink readers, we’ve had a look at the Yotaphone and I posted an article about how smartphones need a bedtime mode. Why do […]

Mobility News from Citrix Synergy 2016 Deep Dive

With great anticipation (and a last-minute flight booking) I attended Citrix Synergy. My goal was to learn about the latest updates with XenMobile and ShareFile, explore the mobility solutions on the show floor and, of course, to see old friends and network with the community. It was well worth it. Citrix announced some neat features. […]

UE Boom and Bose OE Soundlink – entertainment at home and on the go!

It all started with a sailing trip! We were a crew of 8 people far far out in the Caribbean Sea. Besides sun and Cubra Libre, music was not to be missed. Luckily, one of our crew members had a new UE Boom loudspeaker onboard. Our travel entertainment was taken care of! Thanks to simple […]

Fits every handbag – new Rolly Keyboard from LG for iPhone, Android and tablets

I just saw this new Rolly Keyboard from LG and thought I would let you know about it. I am very happy with my iPad keyboard, however, you cannot use it for any other device (in theory you can but in practice the phone doesn’t stick to the keyboard). Also, if you want to use […]

Finally – Android Wear works with iOS!

You know I am a fan of the Apple Watch and of all functionality I get from it (view my article on the Apple Watch). However, I am not a big fan of the design. It looks like a smaller iPhone, like a mini computer you carry around on your wrist. I got used to […]

Reading on tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK, Kindle Fire HDX, iPad mini – or e-ink reader?

I am reading an article about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook and how it is co-branded with Barnes & Noble and declared to be a good reading device. The article also compares it to the Kindle Fire HDX. They both sound like good reading devices. Please read the above mentioned article to find […]

The Apple Watch as a remote control – I could finally try it out!

As promised in my article about the Apple Watch I would write an update as soon as I have tested it as a remote control. I can happily tell you, the time has come! Last week, I had the chance to present at a mobility event. I presented from my iPad and used the Apple […]

Mobile Payment – what do Apple, Google and Samsung have to offer?

I found this good overview of the most current mobile payment systems: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay. However, I wonder if Android Pay isn’t more insecure if it saves data locally and does not need a fingerprint scan. What do you think? I also wish mobile payment came to more countries in Europe. Like […]

Yotaphone – a true innovation in my eyes!

This morning I came across the Yotaphone. I had never heard of it, even though it already seemed to be on the market since beginning of this year. The Yotaphone 2 has been released around June and the Yotaphone 2c and 3 are already in the making. What is so great about it? Well, I […]

Social TV is here!

I just discovered “CAST, the smart entertainment hub that wants to make TV social“. It’s a pretty cool idea, even though we could argue if we are not already overwhelmed with information and now we are adding chat to our TV programs. However, I caught myself chatting with a friend on Whatsapp while we were […]

Experts say phones need a ‘bedtime mode’ to fix our sleep

Read here…This adds good content to my article about reading on tablets and e-ink readers. Like this: Like Loading… LittleMsMobile Love traveling, get excited to play with new gadgets, do my work on 10 different devices, play Basketball, love to feel the breeze on my motorcycle Read the entire article here, Experts say phones need […]

Should keyboards be physical or virtual?

5 years ago in 2010 I sat together with two Danish friends in a nice cafe in Copenhagen. We were talking about the future. Touch keyboards just came to mobile devices (basically the iPhone) and we were debating if the BlackBerry or the iPhone would be the better device. The physical keyboard of the BlackBerry […]

What I think about the Apple Watch!

On my birthday, my boyfriend and I went to the Apple Store. The Apple Watch had just come to some stores worldwide and we wanted to see what models they had available. I was not sure if I wanted one as they are indeed quite expensive and with the functionality of only kind of being […]

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