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LittleMsMobile by Kristin Montag
With over 8 years of experience in the tech industry (virtualization and enterprise mobility), Kristin Montag became an Enterprise Mobility Specialist. She gained her extensive knowledge of this market in her roles as Product Manager and eventually Managing Director at Cortado Mobile solutions, a company providing a complete solution for Enterprise Mobility with a focus on mobile productivity. Before her change to Product Management, she gained 7 years of experience in international sales covering France, USA, Nordics and Germany. Her roles included Key Account Management, Channel Development and Director of Sales. Thanks to her close contact to customers and industry partners she analyzes new technologies, understands customer requirements and serves the latter with strategic advice. She shares her knowledge on www.littlemsmobile.com.

Entrust Datacard – Trusted Identities and Mobile Authentication

At Citrix Synergy, I had the opportunity to talk to Patrick Tabourin, Director Strategic Alliances, at Entrust Datacard to learn more about trusted identities, secure authentication and authentication on mobile devices. Entrust Datacard specialises in trusted identities to be able to secure all transactions. They cover three main markets: consumers, citizens and enterprise Consumers This […]

WWDC 2016 – @LittleMsMobile’s Highlights from Apple’s Keynote

The WWDC keynote is over and Tim Cook and his team presented all the news around WatchOS, macOS (new name), iOS and TVOS. I am really excited about the new WatchOS (3). It has performance enhancements, quicker access to action items, improved Activity, new watch faces and you can scribble to reply to messages. WatchOS […]

LittleMsMobile Podcast – How to touch-enable remote desktop applications

Kristin Montag, Founder of LittleMsMobile.com interviews Barry Flanagan, Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing at hopTo. Barry describes how hopTo makes remote desktop applications touch-friendly on mobile devices. There is no coding required. They have three main features: MAX Control, MAX Zoom and and MAX Cam. With the help of these features they deliver […]

ThinPrint Cloud Services – True cloud printing from any device to any printer

At Citrix Synergy 2016, I had the pleasure to talk to Christoph Hammer, President and CEO of ThinPrint Cloud Services. We talked about their offering, typical use cases and future plans. ThinPrint Cloud Services offer true cloud printing. You can print from any device to any printer – being it Android, iOS devices, MacBooks or […]

powwow at Citrix Synergy 2016 – How to transform existing applications into native mobile applications

I had the pleasure to meet with Kia Behnia at powwow to discuss powwow’s offering and future plans. You can find the full interview at the end of the article. powwow is focusing on transforming existing applications into native mobile applications. The existing applications include commercial, packaged or custom applications. Their principle is that there […]

hopTo at Citrix Synergy 2016 Review and Podcast – How to Touch-Enable Remote XenApp Applications

At Citrix Synergy 2016, I had the pleasure to talk to Barry Flanagan, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at hopTo. He explained to me how they can make remote desktop applications touch-friendly on a mobile device. The technology is pretty exciting. There is an agent on the XenApp server and a client that […]

Google’s biggest announcements from I/O 2016

This is a good overview of all the first day announcements at Google’s I/O 2016. The topics include: Android N – Google’s new Android OS, now coming with automatic software updates in the background; might help to keep OS adoption up Daydream – a hardware standard for VR and a VR mode built into Android […]

Simply Work Online – The Status Quo of the Digital Transformation in Germany

Is it possible to run a conference completely online? Do we need the interaction of people, or can we have the same experience sitting in front of our screens? I wanted to try it out and attended EOA16, my first online conference. Let me share my experience with you. First of all, I must say, […]

Apps World Germany 2016 – App Development is trend, App Management is necessary

It has been my second visit at Apps World in Berlin, Germany. Apps World is a conference that covers all aspects of apps – app development, app marketing, analytics, testing, showcasing ready-to-go apps etc. and they offer sessions in the areas of Enterprise Mobility, Marketing, Gaming, Wearables, Development, Emerging Payments, Cyber Security and the Mobile […]

Mobile App Management Approaches – Pros & Cons Video with Kristin Montag from LittleMsMobile.com

Learn about 4 different approaches to Mobile App Management (MAM) and their advantages and disadvantages. Find out what is best practice for certain use cases. This is a summary of Kristin Montag’s session at Apps World Germany 2016. Visit www.LittleMsMobile.com to find out more. Many thanks to Vinubis.com for producing the video! For daily updates […]

Mobility App Review: Lookout – Intelligent mobile threat protection

Lookout could become the next big vendor in the field of malware threat protection. They have a unique approach that is based on a huge network of users already using the Lookout app. I first met Lookout in Cologne, Germany. One of their representatives explained to me that they protected devices from malware by analyzing […]

How to make your own Wi-Fi wherever you go?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation you thought, a Wi-Fi would be practical now? Wanting to use your tablet in a park but not pair it with your phone as this would drain the battery and use your data too quickly? Being on vacation abroad and wanting to post something on Facebook or […]

iOS 9.3.1 is out and it fixed the link issue!

I can happily announce that finally, Apple provided a fix for the link issue that appeared after iOS 9.3 was released, or actually after the latest booking.com update was released just before the release of iOS 9.3. Apparently, the bug had nothing to do with the release of iOS 9.3 (that’s why it also couldn’t […]

Apple – Let Us Loop You In Event, iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro and more

Are you as excited as me to watch tonight’s “Let us loop you in” event by Apple? If we can trust the rumors (and I guess there have been enough leaks) then Apple will announce a new iPhone with the specs of the iPhone 6s but in the size of the iPhone 5. It is […]

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