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Liquidware™ provides industry leading platform-agnostic desktop solutions for hybrid Windows desktop environments including Citrix® XenApp/XenDesktop, VMware Horizon View®, Amazon WorkSpaces and physical Microsoft® Windows PCs. The company’s Stratusphere solution delivers visibility into desktop environments and supports assessment, design, monitoring and diagnostics (Health Checks). ProfileUnity provides just in time delivery of User Profiles, application and user rights management and context-aware policies. FlexApp delivers advanced Application Layering. The solutions are available in an extremely cost-effectively priced bundle called Liquidware Essentials. Liquidware products are Citrix Ready, VMware-certified, and are available through a global network of partners.

ProfileUnity and FlexApp – One Profile, Two Windows OS Versions – Includes Office 365 Caching

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In this demo you’ll see a comprehensive end-user experience of both ProfileUnity and FlexApp. The user first logs onto Windows 7 and users Microsoft Office 365/Outlook, OneDrive, a FlexApp PDF program, and Internet Explorer. Seconds later the user logs onto Windows 10 and the entire user experience, including their applications and gigabytes of Office 365 […]

Informa Selects Liquidware As Next Generation Desktop Migration Solution Vendor

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Stratusphere UX and ProfileUnity Enable Seamless Transition to DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service), Windows 10 Migration and User Experience Improvements for existing VDI Users Liquidware announced today that Informa has chosen Liquidware Essentials Suite to support moving their colleagues to next generation desktops. Liquidware Essentials comprises Stratusphere UX, ProfileUnity and FlexApp; providing visibility and monitoring, user environment management and application […]

What you Need to Know Before using a Windows Profile Disk/Profile Container

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Profile Containers/Disks for Windows desktops enable Administrators to offload the entire user profile to a profile disk (VHD or VMDK). This approach allows for an otherwise large profile to be read at a block-level (very efficient) over the network. Liquidware ProfileUnity features the option to use a ProfileDisk™ and containers in ProfileUnity. They can be […]

Liquidware Increases EMEA Footprint With Hiring Of Recognized EUC Authority

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Renowned Industry author, blogger and accredited EUC expert joins company as Pre-Sales Director Liquidware today announced Bas van Kaam has joined Liquidware as Pre-Sales Director, Northern EMEA. van Kaam has authored a book on Citrix, is one of only 50 Citrix Technology Professionals worldwide and is active in technically oriented EUC communities across the globe. He also runs […]

Next Gen Desktops Creating New Business Opportunities for the Channel

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We’ve recently signed a new distributor, Prianto, in the UK. They were established to address the market needs for specialized distribution, as the smaller, more niche organizations were being swallowed up by the large, fulfillment players. In the few months since we started working with the team at Prianto, we’ve seen the momentum with ongoing […]

Define Tomorrow 2017 – Industry Update!

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Ruben Spruijt is Field Chief Technology Officer at Frame (www.fra.me), responsible for driving vision, technology evangelism and thought leadership with Frame customers, partners and communities. Mr. Spruijt is a well-regarded author, speaker, market analyst, technologist, and all-around geek. An established industry leader and luminary. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), NVIDIA GRID Community […]

10 Ways FlexApp Has Raised the Bar for Layering

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Every feature that has been incorporated in Liquidware FlexApp is in the product because either a customer has requested it or our experienced development and product management teams knows first-hand how important it is to a provide a seamless, enterprise, and scaleable application layering solution. FlexApp layering has emerged as a leader as a scalable […]

ArcGis delivered with Liquidware FlexApp! Application Layering – Video

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ArcGis delivered with Liquidware FlexApp! EASILY deliver ArcGis to users without modifying base images for desktops or Microsoft RDSH or Citrix XenApp Servers. Application layering. ArcGis s a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information. It is used for creating and using maps, compiling geographic data, analyzing mapped information, sharing and […]

Camtasia Delivered by Liquidware FlexApp – Click-to-Layer – Video

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Camtasia Delivered by Liquidware FlexApp – Click-to-Layer. See this new way to deliver applications without them being in the base image of a Windows OS. This is applications on demand! In this example Camtasia has been packaged and is delivered on user demand by Liquidware FlexApp. Learn more at http://www.liquidware.com/ This video is via Liquidware […]

How Fast is Liquidware FlexApp Click-to-Layer feature? – Video

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Liquidware FlexApp Click-to-Layer feature is FAST, delivering even large applications in seconds. See Camtasia and VMware vSphere Client delivered and launched on-demand by a user! The apps have no footprint in the Windows OS until launched and then are seamlessly delivered in seconds! FlexApp is huge time saver for base image management. Reduce desktop, RDSH, […]

Liquidware FlexApp Package Editor Video – How to Edit a Cap File

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Liquidware FlexApp Package Editor – How to Edit a Cap File. Learn more at http://www.liquidware.com/ This video is via Liquidware Labs

Application Layer Editing, Sledgehammer or Scalpel?

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In comparison to traditional ways to install applications and other application delivery methods that have been around for quite some time – such as application virtualization – application layering technology is still in its early stages. Because app layering is relatively new, tools for editing existing layers are unfortunately sparse. You might ask, “Why would […]

Take a walk down the VDI image management tightrope

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VDI deployment – One of the main benefits of a nonpersistent VDI deployment is that IT can, in theory, create a single golden image and deploy that image to everyone throughout the organization. It is, however, a fine line between the utopia of a single, locked down, optimized golden image and the horrors of multiple golden […]

Liquidware Updates ProfileUnity, FlexApp, and Stratusphere UX

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Advancements in UEM, Layering, and Monitoring simplify and streamline EUC delivery and management. Liquidware demonstrated the latest versions of ProfileUnity, FlexApp, and Stratusphere UX at VMworld. New and exclusive features across all solutions will be front and center, while the latest integration with industry partners will also be on display. Liquidware will also be demonstrating […]

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