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Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an industry leading technology company that enables customers to go further, faster. With the industry's most comprehensive portfolio, spanning the cloud to the data center to workplace applications, our technology and services help customers around the world make IT more efficient, more productive and more secure.

Wi-Fi for Small Businesses Made Simple

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Power your business with Office Connect 20—no-hassle, business-grade Wi-Fi you set up in three minutes. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. And if you’re a small business owner, you want to stay focused on your customers and growing your business. Technology helps you do that—except when it doesn’t. Then it’s just maddening. Employees, […]

From public cloud to hybrid IT – Straight from the horse’s mouth

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People who bet on horse races know that the most reliable information about a horse will come from those who are closest to that horse — a trainer or someone working in the stable. The idiom, straight from the horse’s mouth, implies that someone has gotten even better information – a tip from the horse itself! […]

Protecting Your IT Infrastructure Across the Silicon Supply Chain

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Read about today’s IT infrastructure cybersecurity threats and learn about the precautions HPE has taken to ensure the security of your digital assets. In the ongoing battle against cybercriminals, your IT team needs to start thinking today about protecting the servers you plan to deploy in the future. And, the server firmware is an area […]

HPE Universal IoT Platform named a “Major Player”

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IDC recently issued the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide IoT Platforms (Software Vendors) 2017 Vendor Assessment report (Doc # US42033517, July 2017).  This report positioned the HPE Universal IoT Platform (UIoT) as a “Major Player” in the IoT software platform market. The IDC MarketScape study represents a vendor assessment of the current worldwide IoT platforms market through […]

IoT at the Edge: Putting Pressure Where It Belongs

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If an incident occurs at a natural gas pipeline, human lives are put in danger and millions of dollars are at stake. The reason: a regular gas pipe serving a private home only operates at an excess pressure of 20 to 50 millibar, whereas a long-distance pipeline is pressurized with up to 200 bar. The […]

Enhancing Infrastructure Security Throughout the Entire IT Lifecycle

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Emerging technologies help businesses capitalize on new opportunities but they also introduce IT risks. HPE ProLiant Gen10 takes away that risk by delivering the world’s most secure industry-standard servers. Just how much does cybercrime cost? According to the Ponemon Institute 2016 report, the cyberthreat environment continues to escalate with companies losing $9M, on average, each […]

Data Efficiency: Four Points to Consider When Choosing Hyperconverged

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A friend of mine recently needed some pretty significant repairs done on his house. Over lunch one afternoon, he relayed to me the agonizing task of choosing contractors to get the work done. How do you know you’re choosing someone who is trustworthy, has expertise in the area, or is giving you the most for […]

CRN Includes HPE SimpliVity 380 among Coolest Hyperconverged Products of 2017

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The hyperconverged industry continues to be the fastest growing segment in IT, and activity in the space shows no signs of slowing down. In the past, mainly large, enterprise organizations deployed hyperconverged solutions; today, organizations of all sizes are harnessing the power of HCI technology and deploying it. Given the mainstream adoption, it’s not surprising […]

Exploring Innovative Server Security for CTOs

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While following industry standards helps safeguard servers, the cyberattack risk is so great that HPE ensures ProLiant servers are secure. How? By also applying silicon security to protect the firmware. Worldwide, 720 million hack attempts occur every 24 hours. But businesses don’t always know something evil is lurking in their IT infrastructure. It takes the […]

Oh baby, baby, it’s a cloud world… it’s hard to get by just upon a public cloud

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“Oh baby, baby, it’s a cloud world…it’s hard to get by just upon a public cloud…” OK, so I’ve mangled Cat Stevens’ 1971 classic song, Wild World, but you get the point. It’s a cloud world out there today — with enterprise IT departments moving to the cloud in record numbers. But is it just […]

HPE Distributed Cloud Networking: Policy-Based Automation for Cloud Networks

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In this blog, let’s look at how HPE Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN) is able to enable cloud-ready data center networks. Our customers have often approached me seeking a solution to a traditional network which takes days or weeks to change to respond to the business. I hear your concerns about these kinds of issue: I […]

HPE: Metrics that Matter- What you should evaluate when looking at hyperconverged infrastructure

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Hyperconvergence continues to be red hot as a new category of infrastructure. As hyperconverged infrastructure forces a monumental transformation in data center technology, the metrics we use to measure the value of data center technology need to change as well. Metric shifts happen quite often, such as when Fitbit changed how we measure daily exercise […]

HPE: Is Hybrid IT replacing public cloud as the best thing since sliced bread?

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Technology continues to move forward at a rapid pace. What seems innovative and exciting today can quickly become obsolete tomorrow. For CIOs and those who select and implement IT infrastructure, these technologic advances create a myriad of opportunities. One innovation area that is receiving lots of attention is public cloud—with many believing that it is […]

Enhance Data Privacy with Hybrid IT

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HPE Flexible Capacity enables IT to quickly scale infrastructures in minutes and maintain full control over system security. By paying only for used capacity, it’s a public cloud experience with on-premises IT benefits. These days, you’re being tasked to respond rapidly to business demand and are likely looking to take advantage of solutions that scale […]

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