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Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an industry leading technology company that enables customers to go further, faster. With the industry's most comprehensive portfolio, spanning the cloud to the data center to workplace applications, our technology and services help customers around the world make IT more efficient, more productive and more secure.

The power of load testing IoT: requirements and tips

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The Internet of Things is growing at an astronomical rate. This is why load testing these devices and the networks that serve them is vital. I recently had a discussion with a company looking to install smart (IoT) devices. Keep reading to find out what they discovered. Background A couple of months back, a few […]

HPE Service Manager 9.41 Feature Videos

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Take a look at this series of feature videos just released. Each video is approx. 10 minutes in length, and gives you an overview of the functionality available in many of the Service Manager 9.41 (SM) modules. They will show you how HPE Service Manager helps you improve your customer’s experience, increase your speed and responsiveness, […]

Performance Testing Redefined- Experience the newest in LoadRunner/Performance Center 12.53

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These past few months have been very exciting for our community. In May, we released the latest version (12.53) of Hewlett Packard Enterprise LoadRunner load testing software and Performance Center performance testing software. This is an exciting version which includes key features focused on four themes around load and performance testing: DevOps: Our goal is […]

Why IT needs hyperconvergence

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Want to know why hyperconverged systems are making such a huge splash in the market? CIO.com columnist Rob Enderle explained it pretty well in a March article titled All hyper-converged solutions are not created equal. It takes some effort, he says, to “weed out the providers who are long on marketing and sales promises, but […]

My Cloud Learning Journey: Part 2 “Made to Measure”

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In the second part of my cloud learning journey, I was lucky enough to chat with Bernard Golden, CEO of Navica, a boutique cloud consultancy firm which helps companies define the right cloud solution for specific needs. My need from our chat is a little less demanding; I want to talk to Bernard, who is […]

My Cloud Learning Journey Part 1: & Once Upon a Cloud & An Interview with Christian Verstraete

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  Christian Verstraete has been using the cloud since long before there was even a cloud in existence. His experience goes back decades to when he specialized in manufacturing and devices called “historians” which were attached to machines to collect all their performance data. If there is any one man I need to speak to […]

HPE IT moves to a Shared Services model based on home-grown and Docker technologies

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is no different than any other enterprise business when it comes to needing more flexible infrastructure and more collaborative business processes. Two big items on the HPE IT wish list were to accelerate development of applications and enable everything as code. Developing apps in a monolithic fashion was taking too long, […]

Cloud Security 101: What are Monitor, Detect and Response?

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This is the seventh blog of a series that provides the basics of information security in the cloud. In this series, we will provide definitions and best practices for many of the elements that should be considered as part of a cloud security program. In addition to a blog, each topic will also have a […]

So what can you do with a hyperconverged system?

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What can you do with hyperconverged infrastructure – a system that tightly couples compute, software-defined storage and software-defined intelligence in a single, compact appliance? The possibilities are legion, but as the market for hyperconvergence continues to take shape, a triad of core use cases is emerging, as you can see with a glance at the […]

HPE LoadRunner Analysis: How to determine the number of active Virtual Users (VUsers)

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Typically during  load testing, the VUser is logged out of an application in a pacing duration interval.  For post-test analysis it can be very helpful to know how many users are logged in and active at any point of the test.  In addition, it can be powerful to estimate how many users are logged in […]

How to: Testing Android apps under different network conditions

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Android is the world’s most popular mobile OS, with a loyal following of both users and developers and a rapidly growing market share. In September 2015, Google reported that the number of active Android devices has reached 1.4 billion, and the company is actively working on bringing the next billion devices online. Earlier this year, […]

Digital transformation: What’s stopping your enterprise from innovating?

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There’s a very real shift happening with the business world today: a digital transformation. The amount of data we’re processing and storing continues to rise and new concerns around staying relevant and innovating are at all-time highs. The fast digitization of the world has created new services, new applications, and a lot more data to […]

HPE Service Virtualization Release 3.81 is now available – Introducing a new Community Edition

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We are pleased to announce the availability of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service Virtualization 3.81! The best part is that you can use it today! It includes multiple bug fixes, and many feature and functionality enhancements have been delivered as part of this release. They include: Continued enhancements in the areas of C# Scripting and REST […]

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