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Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an industry leading technology company that enables customers to go further, faster. With the industry's most comprehensive portfolio, spanning the cloud to the data center to workplace applications, our technology and services help customers around the world make IT more efficient, more productive and more secure.

Scotch Oakburn College powers a modern learning environment with hyperconverged infrastructure

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Located 150 miles off the southern coast of Australia in Launceston, Tasmania, Scotch Oakburn College is a forward-thinking institution dedicated to using technology to enhance education. The K–12 independent school is equipped with the latest e-learning tools and applications, including Microsoft Office 365 for collaboration, a learning management system for continuous reporting, an online textbook […]

Trade at the Speed of Business with HPE and Arista Networking

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In the fast, hyper-competitive world of digital and automated high-frequency trading (HFT), “delay” is a dirty word. This is an arena where exchanges, brokerages, trading firms, even independent investors must execute transactions faster than the rest. It’s also an unforgiving world where milliseconds can either make or break your profit potential. Your infrastructure—server, networking, and […]

Striking the Perfect Balance Between Cloud and On-Premises Environments

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HPE Gen10 ProLiant solutions deliver the agility to drive application performance today and capitalize on tomorrow’s technologies for both cloud and on-premises environments. One of the biggest challenges IT teams face in meeting business needs is how to prepare for tomorrow while keeping the lights on today. Businesses are now demanding digital transformation to build […]

HPE Synergy and Cisco UCS: Comparing four typical datacenter tasks by the numbers

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When you are setting out to evaluate different datacenter solutions, it helps to focus on the major items that impact operations.  Simply put, addressing recurring activities is the most impactful way to drive significant savings in time and efficiency. By reducing the number of steps in a reoccurring task, your time savings is realized each […]

Small Business Deserves Enterprise Wi-Fi. That’s Easy with HPE OfficeConnect

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Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices. With HPE OfficeConnect, small businesses can set up business-grade Wi-Fi in minutes. Entrepreneurship is on the rise around the world and the number of small businesses is ticking upward. Australia has two million small businesses—and employs about 60% of the workforce. Here in Australia, we like to think that our small […]

HPE Synergy delivers composable infrastructure for new data center technology practices

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Composable Infrastructure may sound like just a brilliant marketing phrase, but for enterprises using HPE Synergy it’s a true innovation. HPE Synergy goes beyond hardware and includes everything that goes into a cloud deployment—including servers, storage, fabric, security, management software and more. Going even further, HPE Synergy’s Unified API makes infrastructure programmable. As a result, you […]

HPE Synergy certifies the first object storage offering with SUSE Enterprise Storage

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SUSE, a longtime partner and preferred OS vendor of HPE for Linux, OpenStack, and CloudFoundry, has now certified their SUSE Enterprise Storage product on HPE Synergy! This is the first object-based, multi-protocol storage certified on HPE Synergy, a composable infrastructure solution. As data continues to grow at an exponential rate, organizations must store and manage […]

HPE and Intel Introduce a New-Generation Compute Experience

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Many businesses discover the cloud lacking in security, compliance, and application performance. HPE and Intel® have teamed up to solve these challenges with hybrid IT driven by HPE Gen10 servers. Digital disruption is giving end users new ways to collaborate and communicate, so businesses can generate more sales and accelerate workflows. To capitalize on digital […]

Misconceptions about the Cost of Consuming IT in Your Data Center

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With HPE Flexible Capacity, you get the best of both worlds—the agility and low cost of the public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT—so you can rapidly support changing business needs. IT consumption is all about acquiring, paying for, and using technology to drive business outcomes based on actual usage. The approach […]

Open Road to Industrial IoT

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Open Road to Industrial IoT While manufacturers have used IT-supported processes in their operations environment for quite a while, one thing is still missing in order to create the intelligent factory of the future: the standardized, open communications that IT thrives on. Be it ABB, Bosch, GE, or Siemens: all renowned plant manufacturers are offering […]

The many faces of cloud – understanding your different workload deployment options

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You have been tasked with making an important decision for your organization about workload placement. Will you move forward with a private cloud deployment strategy, transition certain workloads to the public cloud, or will you continue to use your traditional IT infrastructure? Throughout the decision making process, you will face several complex questions. No matter […]

Composable Infrastructure for New Data Center Technology Practices

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Composable Infrastructure may sound like just a brilliant marketing phrase, but for enterprises using HPE Synergy, it’s a true innovation. Synergy goes beyond hardware, and includes everything that goes into a cloud deployment—including servers, storage, fabric, security, management software and more. Going even further, Synergy’s Unified API makes it all programmable. As a result, you […]

7 ways industries benefit from OT and IT Convergence

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Just like the smartphone disrupted several markets by converging several different consumer devices into a single one, the same disruption is happening with infrastructure in the IT and OT industries — they are converging into one single system, in a single place: the Edge. A few definitions: OT, IT, and Convergence OT, or Operational Technology […]

Keep Your Customers and Employees Happy with a Wi-Fi Network That Just Works

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OfficeConnect Wi-Fi makes it simple for small businesses to offer fast, reliable connectivity to employees and guests. Being a small business doesn’t mean that you need to make sacrifices—and that includes your network. The consumer-grade wireless router and switch you bought at the office supply store were fine when you started out, but as your […]

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