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Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an industry leading technology company that enables customers to go further, faster. With the industry's most comprehensive portfolio, spanning the cloud to the data center to workplace applications, our technology and services help customers around the world make IT more efficient, more productive and more secure.

A match made in hyperconverged heaven: HPE and SimpliVity’s roadmap for the future

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HPE’s acquisition of hyperconverged solution provider, SimpliVity, officially closed on February 17, 2017. By bringing together HPE’s best-in-class infrastructure, automation and cloud management software with SimpliVity’s industry leading software-defined data management platform, HPE and its partner ecosystem will deliver the industry’s only built-for-enterprise hyperconverged offering. Looking ahead, customers can expect HPE to bring SimpliVity technologies […]

HPE Officially closes on SimpliVity Acquisition

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Last month, HPE announced plans to acquire SimpliVity, a leading provider of software-defined, hyperconverged infrastructure. Last week, HPE announced that the deal has closed, giving both companies the official green light to begin integration plans. By bringing together HPE’s best-in-class infrastructure, automation and cloud management software with SimpliVity’s industry-leading software-defined data management platform, the new […]

What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2017 (#MWC2017)

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Mobile World Congress is a great opportunity to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation. This year, HPE is bringing the hottest technologies to Mobile World Congress! What can you expect from HPE at Mobile World Congress? Cloud 28+ Cloud28+ can help sell software and services, form new alliances, and simplify hybrid IT sourcing and provisioning. […]

Build your data center for security, isolation & visibility with HPE Hyper Converged and VMware SDN

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IT administrators are well aware of the security issues associated with designing highly scalable datacenter architectures. Workloads can scale rapidly, and IT infrastructure – even virtualized infrastructures – can require reconfiguration of the physical network to keep up with increasing demand for data isolation, security and visibility. There is a better option. Deploy a software-defined […]

No crystal ball needed! A look at what the future … hyperconverged…

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A few years ago, the world was introduced to the value a hyperconverged appliance delivers to IT. Smaller, easier to set-up, deploy, use…well, just about everything! According to Gartner, “HCI (or hyperconverged infrastructure) is the fastest-growing segment of the overall market for integrated systems, reaching almost $5 billion by 2019.” And in 2016, Gartner reported […]

Analyst reaction to HPE’s SimpliVity acquisition

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The planned acquisition of SimpliVity by Hewlett Packard Enterprise has analysts in the IT industry weighing in on its impact and potential benefits to the hyperconverged community and customers. Below, check out a snapshot of what some analysts have said since the planned acquisition was announced: “It’s probably the smartest acquisition that HPE has done […]

Closing the gap to make true hybrid cloud a reality

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On January 31st, HPE sponsored a Wikibon CrowdChat, Simplify Hybrid Cloud, where analysts, IT industry luminaries and many others shared thoughts on deploying hybrid cloud. Over 80 people participated in the one hour live chat, resulting in 479 posts, more than 2,000 views, 3.4 million impressions! Dave Vellante, co-CEO of SiliconAngle and co-founder of The […]

6 Hybrid Cloud Adoption Trends

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2017 is already shaping up to be the year of the enterprise cloud. More than half of enterprises interested in the cloud are looking to deploy with a multi cloud strategy. That’s because hybrid cloud gives organization more flexibility to choose the right mix of cloud deployment models for each workload or workgroup. To find […]

Making money: HPE and Microsoft Azure Stack bring it for service providers

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Hybrid cloud services is a 100B USD opportunity and HPE and Microsoft have built an exciting and unique Azure Stack proposition to help you monetize it. HPE is a preferred partner in providing infrastructure and services for Microsoft’s hybrid cloud offerings and one of the hardware vendors that can resell Azure services to partners. And, […]

Industrial IoT adoption is challenging, but manufacturers are paving the way

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)—also known as Industry 4.0—is about more than just increasing efficiency and flexibility of production, according to a survey of 200 delegates at the Industry of Things World conference in Berlin. Industrial IoT is also about advancing production processes, introducing new forms of cooperation in the supply chain, and delivering […]

Have you heard the industry’s reaction to HPE’s SimpliVity acquisition?

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Since Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced its plan to acquire SimpliVity a few weeks ago, the press and industry analysts’ coverage of the acquisition has been incredible. News outlets that have covered the announcement include Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Tech Crunch. The acquisition of SimpliVity adds huge value to HPE’s already robust hyperconverged portfolio.  SimpliVity, […]

StormRunner Load adds support for Private Cloud, Cross Team Project Management, and more

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HPE StormRunner is a cloud-based, SaaS-delivered solution for agile web and mobile performance testing.  StormRunner Load makes it possible for developers and testers to create and run a load test for internal or external applications in just 10 minutes; use predictive analytics to isolate performance problems in 5 seconds; and scale to more than 1,000,000 […]

Are you gambling with your security infrastructure?

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Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world of gambling. What would a player’s odds of winning be if the player had, say, just one extra piece of data–whether the dealer’s card facing down was a ‘face’ (King, Queen or Jack) card or not? An impossibility for the mere mortals. A definite […]

Gartner Magic Quadrant, Gartner Crtical Capabilities Report, Integrated Systems, Gartner Peer insights

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I like an online buying experience because it gives me a ton of choices that I typically would not find in local department stores — all without leaving the comfort of my home. Of course more choices makes it harder for me to make a decision. This indecision slows down the buying process, thereby extending […]

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