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Goliath Technologies is the only end to end monitoring, troubleshooting, and remediation solution for Citrix that is truly proactive. There isn’t another product that provides the deep metrics and analysis necessary for organizations to get ahead of issues in the three key areas that most often cause pain for end users: logon initiation, logon duration and session performance. Goliath’s one product combines the ability to simulate logons, drill down into the 33 stages of the logon process, isolate each of the HDX/ICA channels by user, and alert in real time if a performance threshold is breached. This, coupled with historical reports and trending analysis makes the product critical to an IT organization responsible for delivering a seamless end user experience.

Goliath Technologies: Proactive IT Operations Software Overview

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Check out this brief overview of our proactive IT operations software, including Goliath Performance Monitor, Goliath Logon Simulator, and Goliath for NetScaler. Interested in installing a fully supported 30-day free trial or requesting a demo? Head to our site: goliathtechnologies.com/free-trial

Goliath Technologies Event Log Management

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goliathtechnologies.com/goliath-products/real-time-log-management/ Our Windows Event Log Management Software and Log Analysis Tool functions in real time and allows you to automate the process of alerting you when as soon as a failure event occurs so you can troubleshoot without delay and identify the root cause. You can Filter, Analyze, Alert on, Report, and Archive your Windows […]

Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop End User Activity Report

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You’ve Invested in Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop, but are your employees actively using It? http://www.goliathtechnologies.com/citrix-xenapp-xendesktop-end-user-activity-report/ Now for the first time ever, you can track, audit, and report on the active session time, between logon and logoff, of every Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop user in your entire organization.

My painful journey to find a PROACTIVE XenApp/XenDesktop Monitoring Solution in 2:31

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Goliath Technologies is purpose-built for XenApp/XenDesktop and complements my existing infrastructure tools. Free 30-Day Trial at http://www.GoliathTechnologies.com

Goliath Technologies Reports Record Breaking Revenue for Calendar Year 2013

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Goliath Technologies, the leading provider of proactive comprehensive virtual monitoring software for hybrid virtual, cloud and physical IT environments, announced today that they have closed their 13th consecutive record Quarter. Driven by new customer acquisition, license revenue increased over 100% on a year over year basis with overall revenues increasing 82%. Many new customers were […]

Goliath Technologies Announces Integration with Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and SolarWinds Orion NPM

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Goliath Technologies, the leading provider of proactive solutions to monitor, analyze, report and remediate performance issues in today’s complex hybrid technology environment, announced today that they now support interoperability with both Microsoft’s IT management platform as well as SolarWinds, Orion NPM. “We enable our customers to become operationally proactive in managing their Citrix XenApp® and […]

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