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Ivanti is IT evolved. By integrating and automating critical IT tasks, Ivanti is modernizing IT and helping IT organizations successfully automate and secure the digital workplace. Ivanti is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has offices all over the world. For more information, visit www.ivanti.com.

Is GDPR More About PR Than Data Protection? Ivanti Chief Technologist EMEA Simon Townsend Responds

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Simon Townsend joined what is now the Ivanti team when Landesk acquired AppSense last year. But Simon’s been around the IT industry for almost 20 years now. That perspective gives him a refreshing take on one of the industry’s most talked-about developments: the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Due to take effect on 25 […]

Migration for Modernization: Moving Enterprise Applications to the Cloud

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The best journeys start with careful planning and specific goals – and leave room for improvisation or even suspending the journey when it makes sense. Migration of your enterprise’s critical applications to the cloud can benefit from a similar approach. Before Migration: Ask (the Right) Questions The cloud, whichever variation you choose, is definitely not […]

Ivanti: The Best is Yet to Come

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July 20, 2017 marked the beginning of my third year at Ivanti (né Landesk). But I’ve been an analyst, journalist, consultant, marketer, observer, cheerleader, and provocateur in IT since leaving MIT in the 1970s. Given that, I hope you’ll forgive me a bit of personal observation, reflection—and cheerleading. Why I’m Excited I was at ServiceNow […]

RES Acquisition FAQ With Jon Rolls

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The dust is far from settled, but as you will have seen (here) we are busy integrating RES Software into the rapidly-expanding Ivanti family. Between the positive press comments (here for example) and social media (for example) we have also been inundated with questions and requests for more information from partners, customers and the wider […]

7 Surprising Statistics From the Latest EMA Report on ITSM

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New research from the Enterprise Management Associates® (get the full report below) reveals that ITSM has become a hub of innovation for many organizations. While formerly seen as an area of reactive management with fading process efficiencies and legacy concerns, it is now seen as a unifier of IT silos. The report analyzes the evolution […]

Q&A With VP Jon Rolls: Ivanti Is on a Roll With User Workspace Management

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From mathematician to systems engineer to Ivanti VP of product management, Jon Rolls is fully engaged in a job that never stops. As a product expert with Ivanti, your travels frequently take you to conferences and expos, meetings / presentations with customers and prospects, product advisory councils, meetings with industry analysts and the media, etc. […]

Hey, EMA Report on ITSM: You Had Me at “Hub”

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I was only the second sentence into Enterprise Management Associates’ Next-Generation IT Service Management research report when the hunger pangs struck. The sentence read: “As this research shows, in many organizations ITSM is becoming a hub of innovation…” Mmmmm, hub. I pictured myself at the Hub & Spoke Diner near downtown Salt Lake City, pounding […]

Ivanti on Spotting Stealth Cloud in Your Organization

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Stealth Cloud is growing. How can you spot and prevent it? IT and business leaders today are grappling with the ever-increasing use of personal devices and unauthorized apps at the office, often referred to as Stealth or Shadow IT. This rapidly emerging trend comes as a natural response to employees looking for ways to create […]

Ivanti: Real-Life ITSM – Short Stories of Success

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Since the January 23rd merger of LANDESK and HEAT Software that formed Ivanti, my duties in Corporate Marketing have included editing a mountain of HEAT case studies that are being rebranded under the Ivanti name. Several of them highlight customer successes with the formerly branded HEAT Service Management solution, now marketed as Ivanti® Service Manager, […]

Ivanti: Next-Generation ITSM – The Past as Prologue

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Can the past help you to plot and navigate an effective course to the future of ITSM and IT at your enterprise? Research by respected analysts Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) indicates that it can—and should. That research is featured in a new report by EMA, entitled “Next-Generation IT Service Management: Changing the Future of IT.” For that report, co-sponsored by Ivanti, EMA […]

Ivanti on Next-Generation ITSM and Cybersecurity: Two Great Reasons Your Enterprise Must Modernize IT

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As the world recoils and attempts to recover from another massive ransomware attack, the need for more and better cybersecurity is once again brought to the fore. Herewith, some of the factors that link modern cybersecurity and next-generation ITSM. Respected analysts Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) recently published a report co-sponsored by Ivanti: “Next-Generation IT Service Management: Changing the Future […]

Ivanti: Unified Management Is the Whole Endpoint: An Insightful Q&A

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You can’t spell “Braithwaite” without IT. And you can’t get any more “product expert” than Alan Braithwaite, director of product management. Enjoy his insights in this quick-read Q & A. As a product expert with Ivanti, your travels frequently take you to conferences and expos, meetings / presentations with customers and prospects, product advisory councils, […]

Ivanti CEO Steve Daly Talks about RES Software Acquisition – Video

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This morning we announced the RES Software acquisition! In the following video clip, Ivanti CMO Steve Morton (left) and CEO Steve Daly discuss the RES acquisition. RES Software Acquisition: Why we did it To keep pace with rapid technological change “If we’re going to scale with all the change that’s happening and have the ability […]

Ivanti Acquires RES Software, Workspace Automation and Identity Provisioning Innovator

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Acquisition extends Ivanti’s leadership in user workspace environment management RES Software’s flagship offering addresses user environment management and identity governance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments via its converged platform. RES Software’s capabilities for bulk provisioning and de-provisioning user accounts will combine with Ivanti’s process automation to help IT organizations more effectively automate onboarding and […]

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