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Ivanti is IT evolved. By integrating and automating critical IT tasks, Ivanti is modernizing IT and helping IT organizations successfully automate and secure the digital workplace. Ivanti is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has offices all over the world. For more information, visit www.ivanti.com.

Cybersecurity Education in Action: A Real-Life Adventure

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My advice to everyone: drink deeply of the elixir that is cybersecurity user education. If my recent experiences are indicative, it’s delicious and nutritious, at least for your contributions to your own cybersecurity and that of your home, workplace, or both. A Letter Arrives It said it was from my bank. The bank at which […]

Better Cybersecurity: It Starts at Your Inbox

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Celebrities. They can do so much more than entertain and distract. They can teach us how to improve our own cybersecurity. In March of this year, Fox News reported that the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) had created a task force to investigate a rash of celebrity home robberies. “Kendall Jenner had $200,000 worth of […]

Identity Steers IT Operations. Take the Journey with Ivanti.

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It has been several weeks since RES joined the Ivanti family. It’s not hard to see how RES technology supports the Ivanti vision for unifying IT – especially when you consider the advanced identity management and automation capabilities that RES offers the enterprise. Standalone identity governance initiatives are growing, as organizations look to secure and […]

User Education for Cybersecurity: Yes, It’s Worth It

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Many successful ransomware/other malware attacks share two characteristics. One is that they gain access to an enterprise network because a legitimate, authorized user does something they shouldn’t. Such as opening a phishing email, clicking on a bogus web link, or falling victim to credential theft. The other is that they initiate or revive a spirited […]

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM): How to Meet User Wants and Enterprise Needs

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For its recent study, “Unified Endpoint Management: Simplifying the Security and Support of PC and Mobile Devices,” Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) surveyed more than 100 IT directors. The results of that survey indicate multiple points of confluence between user desires and enterprise requirements that can be addressed by modern UEM. Users Want Freedom of Choice EMA […]

Infected by Ransomware – Now What?

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With ransomware exploding, we’re frequently asked how to remediate after an attack. Ransomware is becoming more common and bad guys are becoming more sophisticated, using innovative ways to evade the latest detection techniques. Can you trust your AV (gen1 or gen2 antivirus solutions) to “clean” the malicious code? How can you be sure the bad […]

4 Big Business Benefits of a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Solution

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For its recent study, “Unified Endpoint Management: Simplifying the Security and Support of PC and Mobile Devices,” Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) surveyed more than 100 IT directors. The results of that survey identify multiple benefits of unified endpoint management (UEM), for IT, for users, and for the enterprise. UEM Tames Endpoint Complexity EMA found that “the average business […]

IT Software Services Veteran Gwendolyn Smith Joins Ivanti to Lead Customer Success Team

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Ivanti Reinforces Commitment to World-Class Professional Services Ivanti today announced it has hired Gwendolyn Smith, a specialist in leading customer services for hyper-growth software businesses, as Executive Vice President, Customer Success & Professional Services.  With a more than 20-year management track record in custom development, training and support, Smith will play a key role in […]

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and IT Security: Critical Connections

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UEM and cybersecurity are separate specialties within many enterprises and IT teams. However, these two important disciplines are inextricably intertwined. Herewith, some thoughts on those interdependencies and what they mean to your UEM and security management efforts. Security Begins at Your Endpoints The respected market watchers at Forrester Research perhaps said it best in The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, Q4 2016. “Endpoint security represents the frontline in your […]

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and IT Service Management (ITSM): Critical Connections

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UEM and ITSM are separate specialties within many enterprises and IT teams. However, there is one critical link that connects these two important disciplines: users. Herewith, some thoughts on that connection and what it means to your ITSM and UEM efforts. ITSM: It’s All About the Users (Almost) In 2016, Ivanti Senior Product Marketing Manager Melanie Karunaratne summarized the results of conversations with numerous IT and ITSM teams […]

What Defines a True, Digital Workspace?

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To empower more technology-reliant workforces, organizations must transition distributed desktop environments to cloud-hosted software aggregation services. These “digital workspaces” enable standardized business work environments that are fully customizable, easy to maintain and secure, and are accessible from any device at any location at any time. How do digital workspaces differ from other workspaces? In the simplest terms, […]

User Environment Management Feature Release 2 Highlights

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Last week heralded the release of Ivanti User Workspace Manager 10.1 Feature Release 2 (FR2) – formerly known as AppSense DesktopNow Plus – including updates to Environment Manager (EM), Management Center (MC), Application Control (AC) and Performance Manager (PM). Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights of this release… GeoSync [Ivanti Environment […]

Could You Be More GDPR-Ready with Some Course Corrections?

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There’s an old saying that goes like this: “The doors of history turn on small hinges.” So do our lives as human beings. So does the longevity of a business. Those “hinges” are the choices we make—the decisions that direct our destiny. Fortunately, most choices are minor course corrections vs. monumental shifts. What adjustments or […]

Improved Security Management in the Management Portal of RES ONE Workspace 10.1

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We introduced a new web-based Management Portal for RES ONE Workspace in the 10.0 release earlier this year. Hopefully you’ve already been working with the new modern, easy-to-use Management Portal and finding its simplified way to identify and troubleshoot issues that occur across the workspace, and gaining increased visibility of how people are interacting with […]

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