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Flexera Software helps application producers and enterprises increase application usage and the value they derive from their software. Our next-generation software licensing, compliance and installation solutions are essential to ensure continuous licensing compliance, optimized software investments and to future-proof businesses against the risks and costs of constantly changing technology. Over 80,000 customers turn to Flexera Software as a trusted and neutral source for the knowledge and expertise we have gained as the marketplace leader in licensing, installation and compliance for over 25 years and for the automation and intelligence designed into our products.

Managing Your Oracle Relationship

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A recent blog by UpperEdge on Navigating an Oracle Software Audit – Here’s What to Expect, is a good reminder that managing your key software vendor relationships requires more than just good negotiating skills. With the right software asset management (SAM) processes and tools in place, you can have the information at your fingertips that […]

Application Sprawl and the Need for Application Rationalization

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Windows 10 might be the last time IT does a major OS rollout across their organization. Here on in, rather than releasing a new version of the Windows operating system (OS) every few years, there will be regular and continual updates to Windows 10 in perpetuity. For enterprise IT departments, this new business model and […]

Gearing up for Windows 10: Introducing a New Solution for Application Rationalization

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Application sprawl is the build up of old and legacy applications, a problem that gets worse over time, it consumes IT resources, slows down desktop transformation projects, and increases infrastructure and support costs. Application rationalization is the processes of evaluating each application for its business and technical value and retiring or replacing applications to reduce the size […]

Gartner Adds Software License Optimization as an IT Services Management “Asset Class” in New Report

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Gartner has just published a new report, IT Market Clock for ITSM 2.0, in which Software License Optimization solutions are called out as an ITSM “asset class,” and Flexera Software is referenced as one of the Software License Optimization tool providers in this space.  This is Gartner’s first ITSM 2.0 Market Clock, which is now one of the three […]

AdminStudio and Windows 10 Compatibility – Frequently Asked Question

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If you missed the recent webinar with Maureen Polte, VP of Product Management, and Ken Hilker, Senior Product Manager, you can register to watch the recording here .  We had close to 200 people on the line and received a lot of great questions that we did not have enough time to get through, but have consolidated […]

Gearing up for Windows 10: Application Compatibility, Packaging, and Rationalization

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For over 15 years AdminStudio Suite has helped customers big and small migrate successfully to Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 7, on time and on budget.  Now AdminStudio Suite 2015 will help even more keep up with the increasing pace of new technology, whether that’s Windows 10, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or application visualization.  Top […]

Reduce Spend and Maintain Continuous License Compliance with Software License Optimization

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Companies today are constantly looking for ways to improve the management of their software licenses to maximize the usage and value they get from enterprise software.  Software asset management can be a time consuming and difficult process which often leads people to look for more automated solutions to help.  Flexera Software’s Software License Optimization solutions […]

Windows Update for Business: Which Branch Are You On?

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With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft now has two options for Windows Update: one standard version and Windows Update for Business, included with Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise.  Microsoft understands that enterprises are more risk adverse and require more control over how OS updates are delivered and when, which is why they have created […]

Why software audits will be a thing of the past

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How can we ensure that we won’t need software audits in the future? Software vendor audits are more than a nuisance. They cost organizations time and effort—for some organizations, more than 50% of their IT asset management staff  time goes toward software audit preparation and defense.  Audits cost money—usually unbudgeted, when you don’t have an accurate […]

Application Rationalization: Preparing for the Move to Windows 10 and Beyond

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One of the major challenges that CIOs face in enterprise class organizations is that of application sprawl. Enterprise organizations typically have accumulated thousands of applications that must be actively maintained and supported every day. Even so, there is a good chance that a relatively small percentage of those applications are actively being used on a […]

Flexera Software’s InstallAnywhere 2015 Now Supports Docker

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Latest release of the leading multiplatform installation solution is the first to support Docker containers, and to further simplify deployment of complex applications Flexera Software, the leading provider of next-generation software licensing, compliance and installation solutions for application producers and enterprises, announced today the launch of InstallAnywhere 2015. The first multiplatform installation solution to support Docker, […]

Server-Lizenzoptimierung mit Flexera Software

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Sehen Sie in diesem kurzen Video, wie Dana durch die Optimierung der Lizenzen im Rechenzentrum die kontinuierliche Compliance sicherstellt und damit sowohl Lizenzkosten als auch Audit-Risiken minimiert. Durch Server-Lizenzoptimierung mithilfe von FlexNet Manager Suite spart sie ihrem Unternehmen Millionen ein. Mehr: http://www.flexerasoftware.de/slo

What is Application Rationalization?

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Good question.  Application rationalization has many interpretations. Gartner says “Application rationalization is the radical reshuffling of an application portfolio as part of an application strategy, a plan that implements changes to applications to achieve a business outcome.” They also list one of the key requirements of application rationalization, is to “Prepare the legacy application portfolio for fast-emerging business […]

Windows 10 Automatic Updates Continue to Cause Compatibility Issues

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Less than two weeks after Microsoft released Windows 10 to manufacturing, reports of compatibility issues related to automatic updates continue to make the news. The Windows-as-a-Service strategy, which was designed to keep the OS continually updated with security and feature updates, is a good idea for consumers, but maybe not be so good for enterprises. […]

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