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Money 2020: Dell and Blockchain

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The Money 2020 conference is in full swing this week, and it is difficult to find a technology more hyped at the event than Blockchain. It promises everything from transforming the banking system to being the “Internet v2.0”. The biggest value of blockchain isn’t in what it is, but in what it enables. One quote […]

How Digital Transformation Fundamentally Altered the Role of the CIO

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The digital transformation has been firmly entrenched in our lives for seemingly a decade now. It is all-encompassing and everywhere to be seen. The whole thing got started with IT-specific topics like cloud computing and big data; it has gone on to change practically every business process, and entire business models, too. Business is Changing […]

IoT Is as Good as the Infrastructure That Supports It

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Think of IoT as a set of ‘things’ that should be stitched together to benefit from data collection to data mining. What is widely understood is that IoT is about data collection, dataflow and data analysis; but it is not common knowledge that the IoT substratum is an end-to-end secured infrastructure solution with sensors at […]

Making it Easier for Customers to Successfully Implement IoT

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A lot of companies say they are focused on their customers, yet very few have a dedicated function specifically focused on the customer experience that advocates for customers and applies a customer lens to all areas of the business, from product development to go-to-market and from pricing and operations to post-sales service and support.Every day, […]

Meet New Dell Technologies IoT GM Ray O’Farrell

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At Dell Technologies we have a vision for how the new world of IoT comes together – how our businesses can help drive human progress by transforming IoT into IQT or the IQ of Things. To enable this vision, we unveiled a new IoT division that will help our customers navigate across all the Dell […]

A New Dawn in Alienware Aurora with Intel 8th Gen Six-Core CPUs

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The pantheon of ancient Roman goddesses had plenty of high-concept girl-power: Venus (love), Diana (hunt), Fortuna (luck) and Pax (peace), among others. But let’s not forget Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn, whose name today still evokes the image of a glowing sky, the radiant promise of good things to come. And so it the […]

What You Need to Know About Emerging Architectures for Digital Transformation

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We are seeing through many real-world examples that business technology has been the backbone of successful digital transformations of organizations. In this blog, I plan to write about emerging cloud native architecture and IT practices that are helping enterprises transform their business operations. The term Cloud Native encompasses modern ways of efficiently building and managing […]

Dell EMC Expands Its Hybrid Cloud Portfolio With Azure CSP

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It seems to me that the original definition of hybrid cloud described a private cloud solution that accessed the public cloud as a secondary repository, a backup for applications, a bursting opportunity, etc.  As we have evolved our Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack solution, it has become increasingly obvious that the line between public and […]

Dell Precision Workstations: 20 Years of More, Now for Less

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Few products can boast performance improvements of 32,000 times over a lifetime, while dropping their cost by 18,000 times. But the Dell Precision workstation can. It’s the 20th anniversary of this #1-rated professional computing platform, with uses ranging from searching for oil to creating special effects for the some of the world’s most popular movies […]

Understanding the Container Storage Interface Project

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Containers have become intensely important to software developers and system administrators – for good reason. Containers can isolate application code and even entire application stacks. That helps Ops teams keep test and production environments separate. In turn, that enhances security efforts and it gives IT more control of their environments. So, yay. But containers are […]

Get Ready to Do More With Machine Data – Introducing Dell EMC Ready Systems for Splunk

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Manage machine data without all the machinations. If you know machine data can help you drive operational performance and business results but don’t know how to get a handle on it, or if you’re intimidated by deploying infrastructure for the leading machine data analytics application, Dell EMC makes it easy with new Ready Systems for […]

Navigating the Nuances of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Appliances and Rack Systems

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The term appliance is loaded because it implies something that is usually single-purposed, something that doesn’t scale, ergo “a toaster” In truth, a modern turnkey IT appliance relies on a lot of sophisticated engineering to create a truly elegant IT management experience across multiple application scenarios. It’s not a toaster, it slices, it dices, it […]

The PowerEdge Enterprise Server You Didn’t Know We Had

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Have you ever been on one of those duck tours through cities like Boston where you travel on land and in the water seeing the sights? Are you riding in a boat, or in a truck? That’s essentially the question we face with the new PowerEdge T640 server. True, it’s in the T-series family which […]

Speeding up Production-Level NFV Deployments With Dell EMC and VMware

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As the industry gets ready for MWC-Americas, we at Dell EMC have also been getting ready. At the event we will be showcasing our latest pairing with VMware geared for Communications Service Providers and Mobile Operators—our Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for VMware. You might have heard that VMware is on a roll with a […]

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