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Datadog unifies the data from servers, OS, databases, applications, tools and services to present a unified view of the infrastructure. These capabilities are provided on a SaaS-based monitoring and data analytics platform that enables Dev and Ops teams working collaboratively on the infrastructure to avoid downtime, resolve performance problems and ensure that development and deployment cycles finish on time.

Investors shower cloud monitor Datadog with another $94 million

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Having raised $53.4 million in three previous funding rounds while enlisting big-brand reference customers like Airbnb Inc., Netflix Inc., Electronic Arts Inc. and Spotify AB, it would seem that Datadog didn’t really need another big slug of money. But it’s taking the cash just the same. The maker of cloud monitoring software just closed a […]

Datadog: SaaS Monitoring Service for IT, Operations and Development Podcast – Episode 227

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In episode 227, Douglas Brown interviews Matt Williams, DevOps Evangelist at Datadog. Matt and Douglas discuss Datadog’s SaaS based monitoring service for IT, Operations and Development teams who write and run applications at scale. Matt gives us a detailed explanation on how it works, why we should care, what it takes to get up and […]

Docker Popularity Spawns Need for Container Monitoring

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The Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) program kicks off with the vendor’s tool for monitoring. Six vendors have integrated with Docker for monitoring. The open-source Docker application container virtualization technology is becoming increasingly popular, spawning a need for distributed monitoring capabilities. To help organizations understand what tools are available for container monitoring, Docker last week […]

Datadog is now Datadoge

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Today we’re proud to announce that Datadog is officially re-branding as Datadoge. The decision came after much thought on the future of the company brand as well as the suggestions of many twitter followers using the hashtag #Datadoge. As a driving force in the cloud monitoring world, we want our brand to speak for itself and give […]

Datadog Real time graph annotations

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Communication is the backbone of a great devops team. When business-critical metrics shift in your infrastructure, it’s important to loop in the rest of the team quickly. So today we’re rolling out real-time graph annotations, which let you highlight the noteworthy occurences you find on metric graphs and immediately start a conversation with your team. […]

Datadog – Host Maps part 2: Quick Guide

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Click here to read Part 1: Introducing Host Maps. Navigate to the Host Maps by clicking ‘Infrastructure’ → ‘Host Maps’ in the top nav bar. Tags Your hosts probably have a lot of tags. Some tags are applied automatically by Datadog integrations, and some tags were probably applied by members of your team. Regardless of how the […]

Datadog Introduces Host Maps: Know Thy Infrastructure

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If you’ve ever needed to understand what is happening right now on all your hosts, today’s a great day. We’ve just added Host Maps to Datadog, and we think you’re going to like them. Host Maps let you see all of your hosts together on one screen, grouped however you want, filtered however you want, […]

Mute Datadog alerts for planned downtime

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We’re happy to announce the release of new muting features for Datadog monitors. Scoped monitor muting allows teams to eliminate unnecessary alerting during scheduled maintenance, testing, auto scaling events, and instance reboots. Your teams will therefore be able to filter out expected events and quickly pinpoint critical issues in your infrastructure. Mute monitors by tag […]

Webinar: ChatOps: Conversation-driven DevOps

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At its heart, the goal of DevOps is better communication between the dev and operations teams at an organization. Some of the tools that help achieve this include version control, chat, and monitoring. By moving the conversations around development and operations out of email and into chat, everyone can see exactly what is going on […]

Datadog in the wild: Fixing slow writes on AWS Elastic Block Store

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Konotor has grown tremendously over the last year, so the scale of our operations has grown quickly too. Like many growing companies, we were finding ourselves spending an increasing amount of energy to make our monitoring practices keep pace with our business. These were some of our pressing questions: How can we detect issues before […]

Datadog: Introducing availability monitoring for Windows Services

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Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added Windows Service checks to Datadog, available in Datadog Agent 5.2. Services are a core component of Windows and are responsible for spawning processes required for the OS and third-party applications to operate. By configuring checks for your Windows Services you’ll have full visibility into their availability status […]

Monitor AWS SNS with Datadog

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We recently launched Datadog’s integration with SNS, Amazon’s push messaging service. This integration: Lets Datadog send and receive SNS notifications Allows you to correlate SNS messages with metrics being gathered by Datadog Provides a preconfigured dashboard to give you a high-level overview of your Amazon SNS environment Send notifications through SNS With this new integration you […]

Monitor Dyn DNS with Datadog

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If you use Dyn to manage and optimize your DNS delivery, read on. DNS is a critical yet oft-overlooked piece of the performance puzzle so we’re happy to announce a new integration with Dyn. With it, you can visualize and monitor DNS traffic to your zones to get the full picture. You can also track individual zone […]

Datadog Acquires Mortar Data

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We at Datadog have been long time users of Mortar Data’s platform. As a fellow NYC-based enterprise startup, we have watched in awe as Mortar built up its award-winning platform to power scalable data pipelines, recommendation enginesor predictive analytics, while using open-source technologies ranging from pig/hadoop to luigi or spark. Today, we’re very pleased to announce that all of the Mortar team and technology […]

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