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Smart-X Software Solutions Ltd. The designer and developer of ControlUp – A Super Console for TS and VDI providing a powerful real time performance grid with extensive management capabilities. Established in 2009, by a team of IT experts who have been active in the field of Server Based Computing and System Administration for more than a decade, Smart-X innovative software solutions solve some of the most complex and common problems faced by System Administrators in every industry.

ControlUp for MSP and DaaS Players: the Benefits and 5 FAQs

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Today, more and more businesses are outsourcing their virtual desktop environments to MSPs, gaining greater efficiency, enhanced security, mobility, device-independence and business continuity. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has also recently gained popularity with IT companies in the VDI market today, removing the hassles and costs associated with virtual desktop management. For example, Citrix recently […]

ControlUp for MSP short demo

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MSP use case with ControlUp

Adding non-domain computers to ControlUp

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As you know ControlUp does not officially support monitoring non-domain computers. However, we can fool ControlUp into thinking that a workgroup computer is domain joined. We will still need a functional AD domain for this to work, but the computer doesn’t really need to be joined to it. In brief, we will make sure name […]

HP Discover: Citrix Mobile Workspaces on Moonshot and Converged System

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Mind? Blown. I don’t have to tell you that Mobility and BYOD have profoundly changed the way people work. And of course, “making it all happen” falls squarely on IT’s shoulders. That means you need new and better ways to deliver on the expectations of an always on, always connected working environment. Luckily, HP Discover Barcelona […]

ControlUp Deep Dive – VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer Monitoring

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ControlUp is a Real-time IT operations platform specifically designed to monitor and manage RDS and VDI environments. ControlUp 4.0 introduced support for vSphere and XenServer, thus enabling real-time performance monitoring and management of the virtualization infrastructure, including VMware ESXi and Citrix XenServer hosts. In this blog post we will explain how the Hypervisor Integration feature works, describe […]

ControlUp 4.0 – New XenServer / vSphere Support and Enhanced IOPS Troubleshooting

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These days, almost every Citrix admin also acts (at least part-time) as a Virtualization administrator One who needs to manage and monitor the virtualization hosts running his/her XenApp and XenDesktop VM’s. Tools such as  XenCenter and vSphere client are an integral part of the day-to-day management experience alongside traditional Citrix consoles such as Desktop Studio […]

ControlUp Deep Dive – Triggers & E-mail Alerts

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This blog post will highlight ControlUp’s incident trigger and e-mail alerting feature. By exploring the ins and outs of the feature, along with its major use cases, we will demonstrate how to create a specific incident trigger using a typical use case. Covering the entire process from start to finish, we will also explain how […]

ControlUp from Smart-X yet another utility? >No way….

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I’m a fan of using what strategic products offer before considering a 3rd party solution. In some companies it seems to be common to solve problems or gaps with yet another tool or utility. Those companies have an arsenal of 3rd party vendors; they also do not revisit their decision afterward if it’s still necessary […]

Comparing Office 2010 performance – Citrix XenApp 6.5 (2K8R2) vs XenApp 7.5 (2K12R2)

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Microsoft Office is the most popular office productivity suite in corporate IT environments.Citrix XenApp, a popular application virtualization platform in corporate environments is commonly used to deliver Microsoft Office applications to end users. The Citrix XenApp server hosts applications, such as MS Office, on a centralized server and allows users to connect and work with […]

Celebratory ControlUp 4.0 launching webinar with Xenappblog

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Introducing the all-new Hypervisor integration feature – total visibility from Hypervisor to guest OS processes I/O metrics deep dive – utilizing the new Host, Guest OS and process I/O metrics to troubleshoot performance issues VMware Horizon 6 support – including RDSH! ControlUp integration with 3rd party monitoring and ticketing systems

ControlUp – Citrix Farm Management, wie sie es noch nie gesehen haben!

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Einführung in die ControlUp Konsole Performance Matrix, Farm-/ Serverübersichten Controllers – kommulierte Ansichten auf ausgewählte Server Dateien, Dienste, Registry Incidents – Ereignisse auswerten und Aktionen auslösen Skript based Actions vorgefertigte oder eigene Skripte einbinden neue Ansätze für Fehlersuche granulare Rechteverwaltung aller Funktionen

ControlUp 4.0 – Introducing VMware vSphere and XenServer Support

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During the last couple of years, ControlUp has received excellent feedback regarding its real-time performance views and advanced management features. However, one question kept popping in almost every webinar, conference booth visit or online product demo – “When will I be able to view and manage my virtualization hosts using ControlUp?” Well, with the release of ControlUp 4.0 it’s […]

How to Create User Session Activity Reports with ControlUp 4.0

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User session activity reports are quite popular in RDS/VDI environments these days and are one of the most requested features in any monitoring and management solution. At ControlUp, we deal specifically with these end-user computing environments where customers host their end-user sessions and applications, themselves. As a result, we understand how valuable user session activity […]

Advanced management with ControlUP

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This blog will show you how ControlUP could help you with managing your VDI/SBC environment. As most of you will know I had done a report on end to end monitoring for a customer last year and published some of the results on my blog. For that report I also looked at ControlUP to see […]

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