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Smart-X Software Solutions Ltd. The designer and developer of ControlUp – A Super Console for TS and VDI providing a powerful real time performance grid with extensive management capabilities. Established in 2009, by a team of IT experts who have been active in the field of Server Based Computing and System Administration for more than a decade, Smart-X innovative software solutions solve some of the most complex and common problems faced by System Administrators in every industry.

A Better Way to Monitor Citrix NetScaler Load Balancer for Container-Based Web Applications

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We just released a new version of the NetScaler Monitor with some nifty additions like the ability to monitor CPXs, more info about gateways’ certificates and policies, the ability to change connection settings and some other general improvements. Whether you use NetScaler as a Gateway for your Citrix environment or as a Load Balancer for […]

Manage AWS Cost and Performance With ControlUp

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Showcasing ControlUp’s AWS EC2 integration within the real time console, providing live stats on cost and performance for your AWS EC2 instances. This video is from the fine folks at ControlUp

Making AWS Performance and Cost Management Easy

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The native AWS management console provides the ITOps team managing their AWS Instances the ability to see configuration and performance stats of those instances, but not without flaws. With the AWS management console it is difficult to spot an instance which is stressed unless a specific alarm has been set up. What’s more, the data […]

ControlUp Video – Browser URL Real-Time Metric

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See all your browser URLs within the ControlUp real-time console now, easily matching an application used via browser to any performance issues and bottlenecks. This video is from the fine folks at ControlUp

See All Browser URLs In The ControlUp Real-Time Console

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In a business world increasingly dominated by browsers as more applications and more of our users’ time is spent within browsers for both internal application usage as well as external internet usage, the browser becomes a critical element to monitor for performance, user experience and security aspects.  The browser itself is a platform in which […]

Relive The Fun! ControlUp at VMworld US, August 2017

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Join us for a quick video clip highlighting the fun times at VMworld US 2017 in Las Vegas. Viva Las V7! This video is from the fine folks at ControlUp

All Your Datastores In One Place – Now In ControlUp

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Up until now, Datastores were shown in the ControlUp real-time console as collective aggregated data via the host, displaying the high level, collective information. With the introduction of ControlUp V7, the real-time console has a brand new detailed view for Datastores, showing all the Datastores as individual objects, complete with live metrics and metadata. The […]

ControlUp Datastores View – Overview Video

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ControlUp’s new Datastores view provides a comprehensive overview of all the storage components in virtual infrastructure environments, allowing for quick troubleshooting and management of storage related issues. This video is from the fine folks at ControlUp

Introducing The All New ControlUp V7

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ControlUp has evolved and grown significantly over the years, adding more value and functionalities. Our teams constantly strive to make ControlUp as useful and user friendly as possible, making sure you get all the visibility you need, the power to take action and fix problems immediately, and the ability to make sense of the information […]

ControlUp Video – Top Insights Dashboard

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This video is from the fine folks at ControlUp.

ControlUp: See All The Golden Nuggets – Top Insights Dashboard

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ControlUp Insights, our historical reporting and analytics portal, offers a vast array of interactive historical reports with powerful drill down capabilities to deliver analytic insights regarding your virtual infrastructure and environment. Since ControlUp Insights collects a wide variety of performance data, it actually has a lot of hidden treasures that can be discovered. But now […]

Free & Powerful Citrix NetScaler Monitor

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If you have kids you’re familiar with that moment, when they start to walk by themselves, ride a bicycle without training wheels or start attending the first grade, that feeling you get which blends anxiety and happiness at this special moment with fears and worries. Try to recall when you felt that sentiment – or […]

ControlUp’s NetScaler Monitor Video Overview!

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Watch the following video to learn about ControlUp’s NEW NetScaler Monitor solution! This video is from the fine folks at ControlUp

ControlUp Video: Controllers

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In the following ControlUp video you will learn about Controllers. This video is from the fine folks at ControlUp

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