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ClearSky Data’s global storage network simplifies the entire enterprise data lifecycle as a managed service. IT is now liberated from the treadmill of managing primary, backup and disaster recovery storage infrastructure, and empowered to use data with on-demand scaling and agility. ClearSky delivers data where it’s needed, enterprise-ready and fully optimized to eliminate the cost and data center footprint of traditional storage solutions. Led by experienced entrepreneurs with track records in cloud computing, storage and data management, ClearSky is based in Boston and backed by top-tier venture firms General Catalyst, Highland Capital Partners and Polaris Partners, as well as Akamai Technologies, the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services.

Predictions of Amazon Crushing VMware are Way Overplayed

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When Bloomberg published an article earlier this month sounding the warning bell about the VMware-Amazon partnership, its writers shared some compelling arguments. In “How VMware’s Partnership With Amazon Could End Up Backfiring,” writers Dina Bass and Brian Womack remind readers of Amazon’s pattern of crushing the competition – including competitors that start out as partners. […]

Three Ways to Get Your Multi-Cloud Costs Under Control

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The progression of technology is never ending. That’s what makes it exciting. What was once new and unknown eventually becomes a tried-and-true, reliable tool. This is happening before our eyes with the cloud. At first, the thought of putting your company’s sensitive data in the cloud brought concerns about security, and likely some sleepless nights […]

4 Hybrid Data Storage Strategies for Healthcare Providers

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The cloud is a tried-and-true way to make IT more efficient and save money. Companies of all sizes and in all industries rely on the cloud for storing data and running applications. Well, almost all industries. Healthcare has unique challenges when it comes to utilizing the cloud, which have proven inhibiting for many. This makes […]

What Multi-Cloud Means for Managed Services 

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Multi-cloud environments have quickly become the new normal, and hybrid cloud is now an inevitability for many enterprises. RightScale reports that cloud users are running their applications in an average of 1.8 public clouds and 2.3 private ones. It’s not hard to see why; the market has evolved to offer robust cloud offerings, including object […]

Moving to the Cloud? Avoid these Common Mistakes

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IDG Enterprise’s 2016 Cloud Computing Survey executive summary shows that at least 70 percent of U.S. organizations are using some form of cloud technology. Added to that, the 2017 BDO Technology Outlook Survey  indicates that 74 percent of tech chief financial officers (CFOs) say cloud computing will have the most measurable impact on their businesses in […]

Don’t Become Captive to the Cloud; Choose the Right Cloud for the App

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As enterprises continue their march toward the cloud, the questions IT leaders are asking about the path ahead are getting more nuanced. “Should we go to the cloud?” has given way to “Which cloud should we adopt?” and “What are the hidden cloud pitfalls we’ll face along the way?” CIOs are grappling with how best […]

Laz breaks down the truth about containers – Video

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Laz Vekiarides is explaining why containers won’t take off until we answer the storage question This video is from the fine folks at ClearSky Data

Why It’s Not Time to Panic About the Shortage of Flash Storage

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The law of supply and demand says that when a popular product becomes harder to find, its value increases. While true, an opposing effect to price hikes is that consumers can change their buying behavior. Scarcity should drive consumers to start asking themselves whether they need that hard-to-buy product as much as they previously thought. […]

Latest Gartner Storage Report Maps Out Enterprise Strategies for Agility, Automation

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In its “2017 Strategic Roadmap for Storage,” analyst firm Gartner Inc. highlights some of the most popular storage initiatives among enterprises today. On the way to increased agility and automation, organizations are also searching for lower price points. Those pursuits aren’t in conflict, according to the report’s authors. The analysts who authored the report note […]

Storage Management, the Cloud and Data Protection, Oh My!

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Here at ClearSky, we love to hear feedback. From customers to partners to analysts to employees, you name it, we want to hear what they have to say. What’s working? What isn’t? What matters most to their business? We recently had the opportunity to host more than a dozen tech pros for Tech Field Day, […]

Highland Capital Partners Reduces On-Prem Storage Footprint, Goes Hybrid with ClearSky Data

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Venture capital is an exciting business – helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to fruition is challenging and fulfilling. At Highland Capital Partners, we do this by leveraging deep industry domain expertise to provide just the right combination of strategic guidance and hands-on leadership to help turn ideas into industry-leading companies. As you can imagine, our […]

The Surprising Reason Behind Azure’s Mega Momentum

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When a recent UBM Research survey found more enterprise IT shops pointing to Azure as their public cloud provider of choice over Amazon Web Services, we took note. These findings echo what we’ve been hearing from customers over the past year. No doubt, AWS still has commanding presence in the market, but Azure is gaining […]

What’s the Buzz? Industry Responds to ClearSky’s Data Protection News

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When ClearSky Data launched in 2015, we had big plans: to give CIOs and IT pros the ability to access all their data, anywhere they want it, anytime they need it. From the minute we came out of stealth mode, our team was thinking about how to improve customers’ experiences immediately, as well as two […]

ClearSky Primary Storage, Backup and DR as a Service – Video

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Learn how you can achieve RPO 0 and RTO less than 1 min for DR with ClearSky. This video is from the fine folks at ClearSky Data

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