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Citrix (NASDAQ:CTXS) aims to power a world where people, organizations and things are securely connected and accessible to make the extraordinary possible. Its technology makes the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access, empowering people to work anywhere and at any time. Citrix provides a complete and integrated portfolio of Workspace-as-a-Service, application delivery, virtualization, mobility, network delivery and file sharing solutions that enables IT to ensure critical systems are securely available to users via the cloud or on-premise and across any device or platform. With annual revenue in 2015 of $3.28 billion, Citrix solutions are in use by more than 400,000 organizations and over 100 million users globally. Learn more at www.citrix.com.

Citrix: VDA Health Check Now Available on Smart Check

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I am thrilled to announce that the popular VDA health assistant is now available on Smart Check as VDA Health Check. You can now run this check on your VDAs at the click of a button – no installation needed. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about upgrading to the latest version — Smart Check is […]

Citrix Video: Accelerate a secure journey to the cloud

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Citrix and Microsoft continue to innovate through a partnership that is stronger than ever and grounded in simplifying the journey to the cloud for their customers. Session highlights: • Learn ways to stay secure regardless of where you are in your digital transformation journey. • Hear best practices from customers who are successfully moving workloads […]

Citrix & SWIFT CSP Episode 2: Best approach to meet SWIFT CSP compliance including architecture

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Watch this 2-part webinar series to learn what SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP) means for your financial institution; what you will need to do to comply before the December 2017 Customer Security Framework deadline; and how Citrix can help you meet compliance requirements with a proven solution. Watch Episode 1 here: This video is from […]

Citrix SD-WAN – derful Enablement for Partners

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Ok, so maybe my puns need some work, but instead of working on better puns, the Worldwide Partner team has been working on creating new enablement resources to help you sell NetScaler SD-WAN. We’re about halfway into the year and for those of you who attended Citrix Summit 2017 in January (or saw the presentations […]

Citrix App Layering Cross-platform Support – Technical Video Demo

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One of the key benefits of Citrix App Layering is not only our ability to hot-plug applications into user sessions, but also deliver applications that need to be there pre-login or even at boot time. The separation of application layer, from OS layer, and further separation of Platform layer is what enables cross-platform support for […]

Citrix: The Unified Endpoint Gold Standard: Citrix Receiver, XenApp and XenDesktop

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If you really think about it, the core concept behind unified endpoint management and delivery is to simplify app and desktop management and make sure sensitive information remains protected, even while people use any device, anywhere to do their work. At Citrix, we refer to that value proposition as the secure delivery of apps and […]

Citrix: Get a Sneak Peek into the Future of Digital Workspaces with Citrix at VMworld

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Earlier this month, my colleague, Ken Oestreich, blogged about “How to think about digital workspaces” and introduced how the aggregation of resources is like Apple TV and Roku. These aggregators simplify and solve problems for the video and entertainment content. Citrix Workspace Service solves a similar problem for enterprises by aggregating apps and data across […]

Why Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop Version 7.15 is the Biggest Release in Company History

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It’s a bold statement. But I believe it’s true. You know why? Because for the first time in a long time I can confidently recommend an FMA-based version of XenApp for our largest and most demanding customers. And next to XenApp 4.5 and XenApp 6.5 (my other 2 favorite XenApp releases of all time) there […]

Citrix: Meet Security Compliance and Be Scalable with NetScaler FIPS SDX

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Securing your network has never been more critical than it is now, and meeting security compliance can be challenging. With a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant Citrix NetScaler SDX, you can achieve security compliance and easily deploy ADC instances to meet your performance requirements. Whether you are a service provider hosting ADC instances for clients, […]

Citrix: What’s New in XenApp Essentials – Q2 CY2017

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We are absolutely thrilled by the response to XenApp Essentials. It is great to see XenApp Essentials become one of the top trending apps in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. More importantly, I am happy to report that multiple Azure RemoteApp customers, who were eagerly looking forward for a replacement solution, have migrated successfully to XenApp Essentials […]

Citrix: Protect Apps and Data, Combat Shadow IT & Build a Secure Culture? You Can Be a Security Superhero

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The relentless pace of innovation is not only transforming how business gets done, but also applies to the increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats keeping executives awake at night. Yet these threats don’t just come from bad actors outside the company. Well-meaning employees and executives can often put their organization at risk when they bypass security policies […]

Aggregate VMware Horizon apps and VDI using Citrix – Citrix Video

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Demo of upcoming Citrix Workspace aggregation service to front end all your resources, including from VMware Horizon (part of Workspace ONE), Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, XenApp XenDesktop, web, and SaaS apps. Secure the mix of PCoIP, RDP, HDX, and HTTP(S) traffic with NetScaler Unified Gateway. Learn more This video is from the fine folks at […]

Citrix: Application Related Session Failure Reporting in Citrix Director 7.15

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Reporting session failures specific to an application launch or a running application is made easy with Citrix Director 7.15. A XenApp and XenDesktop administrator uses Director to monitor failures but finds it difficult to determine why a session failed, it could be due to issues in the XenApp and XenDesktop stack or with the application. […]

Citrix: Smart Network Security Choices Can Save You From Hacker Headaches!

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Untrusted, or “open”, Wi-Fi is available practically everywhere—cafes and coffee shops, libraries, pubs and bars, entertainment venues—name any place where people gather and one can likely find open, free Wi-Fi there. Open Wi-Fi is generally defined as wireless networks that provide free, unencrypted access without the need to identify yourself, or for the Wi-Fi access […]

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