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Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected.

Cisco: Virtual Reality, Meet Cisco Spark

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The promise of virtual reality has been a staple of science fiction – think The Matrix or the holodeck from Star Trek – an exciting yet elusive vision. While we are nowhere near having a holodeck in our homes, VR has the potential to be big. Right now, most applications focus on gaming, but that’s […]

Cisco: Introducing the First Benchmark Standard for IoT 

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We have reached a point where virtually every electronic device can be connected to the internet and interact with its surrounding environment. The explosive growth of the Internet of Things shows no signs of slowing down, and in fact, may actually be speeding up. We have already seen new businesses created, existing ones destroyed, and […]

Cisco: Working Together to Protect IoT Devices

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When you begin remodeling an older home you realize that some walls are there for good reasons. Others block our modern, open-floor-plan lifestyles and can come down. Years ago, factories and utilities separated their Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) teams. The thinking was that such walls helped ensure reliability and uptime so that […]

Cisco: Bringing It All Together in a Multicloud World

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Customers have a lot of options for cloud today, but what they really need are capabilities that work together regardless of their mix of public and private clouds. Take DIRECTV, for example. DIRECTV has a complex environment that includes applications, databases, on-premise servers, infrastructure, and other networking components growing behind the scenes. The company has […]

Cisco: The Power of Data

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What is data science? Is it just another buzz word for applied statistics? Some statisticians certainly think so. I believe data science is much more than that. Think transformation. Think about how connecting theory to actual data can enable better business decision-making that directly impacts company growth. Transformative, indeed! The time is now, (really, it […]

Cisco: Deliver 5G services today – at the speed of “CLICK”

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We recently published a blog discussing the ability to implement 5G in a way that made good financial sense.  The point is that 5G is very much about enabling new services and that can only be done with the right network foundation in place.  The blog framed 5G in a clever pseudo-math equation: “5G > […]

Cisco: Securing the IoT: Processes and People Needed!

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IoT promises to boost corporate profits worldwide by 21 percent by 2022, according to Cisco analysts. That’s because IoT can help businesses lower costs by realizing new efficiencies and drive new revenues by enabling new business models. Digital transformation in general, and IoT in particular, can help organizations become more productive and more responsive to […]

Cisco: VXLAN Innovations on the Nexus OS: Part 1 of 2

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Virtual Extensible LAN or VXLAN for short has been around since 2011 as an enabling technology for scaling and securing large cloud data centers. Cisco was one of VXLAN’s lead innovators and proponents and have demonstrated it with a continual stream of new features and functionality. This momentum continues with our announcement of the newest […]

Cisco: Here Are 3 Things that Drive Security for the Intuitive Network

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Hint: ISE 2.3 Plays Key Role We recently announced the Network Intuitive architecture, a new era of networking that removes complexity and enables automation, assurance, and security. With built-in security, you get dynamic protection that enables your business to evolve at the breakneck pace the market demands. Recent events highlight the criticality of securing the […]

Cisco: What’s in a Name? Threat Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Extreme Snack Foods

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A lot, actually. A rose by any other name would certainly smell just as sweet. But if I sold you a dozen dandelions, calling them roses, as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart, neither of you would be none too pleased, would you? It makes me think of the early days of extreme […]

Cisco: Drones Rising from the Fog

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As adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) makes the world more “connected,” drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are no exceptions. We are seeing an increasing number of cloud-connected drones deployed for commercial applications. But what happens when there is an absence of continuous connectivity? Fortunately, fog computing can step in where wireless or […]

Cisco: The Ego Goes Unrewarded … Focus is the Answer

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Welcome back to our blog post series exploring the intersection of neurology + mindfulness and innovation + entrepreneurship. In our previous post we set the stage for our exploration of how recent discoveries in neuroscience, along with centuries-old mindfulness practices, could shed light into the complex space of entrepreneurship and innovation. We highlighted six areas […]

Cisco: The storage architecture you envision is closer than it appears

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The disruption that cloud has triggered in the marketplace has many organizations looking for a deeper level of expertise and experience from their solution vendors. Cisco has long been known as the top experts in networking, and has grown in reputation as makers of the most robust x86 servers available. Lesser known however are the […]

Cisco: Cyber Attacks Designed for Destruction, Not Just Disruption?

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As defenders, one of our key objectives is to help organizations and individual users understand the threat landscape so they can reduce their exposure to cyber threats. Our threat researchers and technology partners watch that ever-changing landscape very closely, as they have for many years now. That’s one reason we are confident when we say […]

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