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Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected.

Cisco: New Ransomware Variant Compromises Systems Worldwide

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Note: This blog post discusses active research by Talos into a new threat. This information should be considered preliminary and will be updated throughout the day. Since the SamSam attacks that targeted US healthcare entities in March 2016, Talos has been concerned about the proliferation of ransomware via unpatched network vulnerabilities. In May 2017, WannaCry […]

Cisco: Access in the Era of Intent-based Networking

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Intuition. It is one of the key traits that makes us human. What if we could make the network intuitive in translating intent into network configuration? Could a network learn to defend itself against malware and threats? In a digital world, enterprises networks are under the onslaught of a myriad of different forces. On one […]

Cisco Extends Security Openness with McAfee Interoperability and New Technology Partners

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Vendor “openness” drives better outcomes for the state of information security.  That’s why Cisco has invested and committed so heavily to our Cisco Security Technical Alliances (CSTA) program in recent years.  CSTA now has over 130 technology partners…a six-fold increase from where we started nearly four years ago.  It is a use-case driven technology partner […]

Apple and Cisco partnership continues to deliver great user experiences for mobile users!

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In the previous blog we shared how the first round of innovations coming from the Apple and Cisco partnership enabled enterprise Wi-Fi users to be more productive as they move within the environment as well as enabled IT to prioritize business-critical applications over the air, something that hasn’t been done before. In this blog we […]

Cisco IoT Threat Defense Debuts at Cisco Live

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I’m psyched! Today we’re launching IoT Threat Defense, and it’s the most comprehensive security solution yet for the Internet of Things. And it couldn’t come a moment too soon. Let’s be frank. IoT devices, on the whole, aren’t capable of defending themselves from cyber-attacks. That means they can provide a means of access to their […]

Cisco: Partnering to Deliver the Deepest Visibility and Security Control for a Mobile Workforce

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Every day I talk to companies who are looking for ways to use mobility to transform the way they do business. Hospitals are now replacing a nurse’s clipboard with an iPad, manufacturers use custom apps on an iPhone to increase productivity, and sales reps are now given an iPad instead of a laptop. While this […]

Cisco: Introducing The Network. Intuitive

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Last week, Cisco ushered in a new era of networking with the announcement of intent-based technologies that constantly learn, adapt, and protect. Built around the Cisco DNA architecture, it’s a network designed to be intuitive. The new network from Cisco is a game-changer for businesses, so we needed a marketing campaign that would be equally […]

Avi Networks and Cisco Join Forces by Entering Into a Strategic Reseller Agreement

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Avi Networks & Cisco join forces by entering into a strategic reseller agreement We have been working very closely with Avi Networks for more than a year now to help our joint customers achieve their goals.  This partnership spans engineering, product management, and sales.  Because of the successes we have experienced over the past year, […]

Cisco: Tetration Open Platform Enables Strong Partner Ecosystem

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It was just one year ago that Cisco announced Tetration Analytics, an open platform that provides data center visibility at a level that’s never been achieved before, and at a scale never possible before. Tetration Analytics collects data in real-time using software and hardware sensors, analyzes the data with advanced analytics, and delivers information critical […]

Cisco is Evolving the Network into the iPhone of the Enterprise

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It’s an exciting time in the networking industry. According to IDC, the worldwide programmability market will experience huge growth over the next three years and be worth nearly $12.5 billion. Cisco is leading the charge in this market and recently unveiled a new generation of intent-based networking solutions. This enables a new and programmable network […]

Cisco: 4 Ways to Maximize Your Advanced Services Experience at Cisco Live Las Vegas

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What happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas! The excitement is building around top transformation topics: cloud, security, optimization, analytics, and more. Be sure you’re in the know with industry-leading solutions demos and informative sessions from the Advanced Services experts at Cisco Live from June 25 to 29. Technology is always in flux, but today […]

Cisco: Securing Your Data in the Transformation to Digital

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I recently had the opportunity to participate in a joint webinar between Cisco and Global Knowledge Canada to discuss Cisco’s latest cybersecurity industry research, the security challenges organizations face today, and how organizations can mitigate risks. After a detailed conversation with Brad Haynes, Cisco product specialist at Global Knowledge Canada, here are my top three […]

Cisco: Control Your Own Security

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Digitization continues to change business at an amazing rate and in many ways. As business leaders around the world embrace ‘Digital’ to simplify, automate, and deliver innovation, they’re no longer simply using Information Technology to run their businesses; IT is enabling it. IT is the vital lifeblood of a business and we must protect it […]

Cisco on Staging and Setup for Cisco Live 17

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The average IT refresh cycle for access layer switches is typically anywhere between 5 to 8 years. This means the typical engineer configures a switch once, and then, other than minor changes, doesn’t have to reconfigure that switch again for a long time. The rollout process also tends to be staggered over time and location, […]

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