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Bromium was founded in 2010 with a mission to restore trust in computing. The company’s founders, Gaurav Banga, Simon Crosby, and Ian Pratt, have a long and deep history of innovation in virtualization and security. Inspired by the isolation principles of traditional virtualization, the Bromium team has created a game-changing new technology called micro-virtualization to address the enterprise security problem and provide protection for end users against advanced malware. Bromium has its headquarters in Cupertino, California, and an R&D center in Cambridge, UK. The company is backed by top-tier investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Capital, Highland Capital Partners, Intel Capital, Meritech Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

CISO’s Dilemma When Productivity and Cybersecurity Face Off

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Today organizations are struggling with the best way to protect against attacks that are targeting the endpoint. Too often, the security strategy has been to put the onus on the individual employee. Research has shown, over and over again, that training and user restrictions are both tedious and expensive, and have a very low success […]

The Application is the Endpoint

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Vulnerable applications and browsers are the persistent data breach entry points—it’s not about the files Isolation is the only solution that can absolutely eliminate kernel-level exploits and malware escapes It’s time to rethink information security defense around fewer, smarter, yet more effective layers You have many more endpoints than you think. How many endpoints do […]

Protect Legacy Applications from Cyber Attacks

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Legacy applications are integral to most businesses and are heavily relied upon in the public sector Many legacy applications were written in a time when security was much less of a concern than today Isolation is the only solution that can absolutely eliminate kernel-level exploits and malware escapes Detection is obsolete and the future of […]

Bromium: VMworld 2017 Virtualization-Based Security Dazzled and Amazed

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We were so happy to be in our element with folks who understand the inherent value in virtualization. From booth demos to our theater presentation on the Showcase stage to the private breakfast with The Godfathers of Virtualization, we received amazing feedback. We look forward to bringing our solution to your business – is it […]

The Godfathers of Virtualization Returning to VMWorld

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Ian Pratt and Simon Crosby sold XenSource to Citrix in 2007. After working at Citrix, they decided to once again spin off and focus on cybersecurity. They are available to meet during VMWorld if you’d like to talk virtualization and security. We think of them as The Godfathers of Virtualization. They work they did with […]

Virtualization-based security helps security pros relax

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Virtualization’s continued journey across the enterprise led inevitably to security Enhanced security benefits using virtualization are powerful and compelling Virtualization takes the security responsibility off users and delivers control to IT Detection-based security doesn’t work. It’s an exhausted concept. The battle’s been waged for 30 years and the cyber criminals won. Why? Because detection will […]

Government Application Isolation and Control Demo with Video

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We will be at TechNet Augusta on August 7-11. Visit us at booth 112. We will be at DoDIIS Worldwide Conference on August 13-16 in St. Louis. Visit us at booth 739. Discover how application isolation and containment is the long-term strategy for cyber resilience. If you’re responsible for government cybersecurity, we’ve got something you’ll want […]

Get a round tuit, your cybersecurity is waiting for you

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It’s Monday. On the West Coast, Black Hat is over and if you traveled, you should be home. If you didn’t travel, it’s still Monday and there are things to be done. And August starts tomorrow – so you might be thinking, “Bah, let’s get through August and then I’ll refocus.” Not so fast. This […]

When cybersecurity fails use application isolation to win

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We hear about cybersecurity fails all the time. We’re happy to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. Application isolation and containment based on virtualization is delivering results. The NSA has called out this strategy as the way forward for stopping advanced threats. To many technology folks, Application Isolation may be a new […]

Infographic – Turning off security does not increase productivity

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It seems security teams are under a lot of pressure from the organization when it comes to the balance between productivity and staying secure. Our infographic below explains how this plays out: with some saying they turn off security and others modifying it. Cybersecurity shouldn’t be this hard and it shouldn’t impact end user behavior. […]

Breachless Threat Reports Reveal Innovation in Cybersecurity

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Enterprises need a steady stream of actionable, timely, and accurate threat intelligence on targeted malicious intrusions and attempts into their networks They need this information without suffering breaches and cannot rely solely on post-compromise forensics or sandbox simulations to continuously tighten and adapt their defenses Pre-breach targeted intelligence eludes most organizations today, even among security […]

New Research Reveals Businesses Choose Productivity over Cybersecurity

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Despite recent global attacks, internal pressure to limit security puts pressure on IT teams Bromium®, Inc., the pioneer and leader in virtualization-based enterprise security that stops advanced malware attacks, today released results of a survey of 175 security professionals conducted at this year’s Infosecurity Europe, which found that IT security is often deprioritized when it […]

Bromium Endpoint Detection and Endpoint Security Podcast with Simon Crosby – Episode 245

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In episode 245, Douglas Brown interviews Simon Crosby, co–founder and CTO of Bromium. Simon brings us up to speed on the Bromium endpoint detection and endpoint security solution.   Simon explains how Bromium works, why they built it, a bit on Windows 10 security along with a general security conversation. Simon is always a pleasure […]

Talking Security, Privacy, Snooping, Cloud, DaaS, VDI Podcast with Simon Crosby – Episode 194

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In episode 194, Douglas Brown interviews Simon Crosby, Co–founder and CTO at Bromium. Simon and Douglas discuss a wide-ranging list of subjects: from Simon’s past in academia to NSA spying, privacy, security in the modern world and even a bit about DaaS / VDI and how Simon sees that playing out over the coming years. […]

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