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The technological world is moving at an ever-increasing rate and administrators are finding it difficult to keep abreast of new technologies. In addition, the world of user experience is changing with home computers being commonplace and users wishing to have the same free experience at work that they do at home. Software is also becoming more user focused with administrators finding it complicated to keep control over the endpoint devices. At Avanite we try to bridge that gap by producing software which gives the best user experience possible, whilst still allowing administrative control. Our WebCache Manager is the first product which brings control of web data, which has long gone uncontrolled. We hold true to our beliefs that progress is only accomplished by sharing knowledge and working together. We pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our customers who see us as trusted advisors to them and their business.

Avanite WebCache Manager Case Study – Energie Südbayern GmbH

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Energie Südbayern GmbH have their headquarters in Munich, Germany, and originally were founded as a regional gas supplier. Today they have a wide variety of products and provide services for both enterprise and consumer customers. Supplying over 160,000 private households and 14,000 businesses they promote efficient and environmentally friendly energy use, providing renewable energy supplies […]

How To Reduce Login Times with Avanite WebCache Manager on your AppSense Systems.

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In this video we show you how WebCache Manager can be used alongside AppSense Environment Manager. The video clearly shows how WebCache Manager can improve your user experience by reducing user login/logoff times, storage requirements and network utilization. Visit us at http://www.avanite.com to find out more! This video is from the fine folks at Avanite.

How to Manage Web Data with Citrix UPM and Avanite WebCache Manager – Video

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Avanite WebCache Manager allows you to completely manage web data, such as cookies and the problematic webcachev01.dat file. This video shows how it can be used to enahce your Citrix UPM implementation. www.avanite.com This video is from the fine folks at Avanite.

Do you know who is coming to the party?

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In 2012 the most pirated movie according to IMDB was Project X. The synopsis of the movie states:- It’s Thomas Kub’s 17th birthday and all he wants to do is throw a small party with some friends to help raise his social status and maybe even get lucky. But when his best friend Costa starts […]

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