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Atlantis, winner of the Best of VMworld and Best of Citrix Synergy awards, offers the industry’s most flexible and powerful Software-Defined Storage (SDS) platform. Atlantis delivers the performance of an all-flash array at half the cost of traditional storage. Atlantis HyperScale leverages the Atlantis patented SDS platform to deliver all-flash hyperconverged appliances that are 50 to 90 per cent lower cost than traditional storage or other hyperconverged appliances. To date, Atlantis has deployed over 120 petabytes of storage for more than 1,000 mission critical deployments and 1 million virtual workspaces, including some of the largest virtualization deployments in the world. Atlantis is privately held and funded by Adams Street Partners, Cisco Systems, El Dorado Ventures and Partech Ventures, with headquarters in Mountain View, California and offices in Europe.

Atlantis TechJam Video: How to deliver the best virtual workspace using your existing hardware

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Hugo Phan and Ruben Spruijt discuss how to use software to solve the core problems faced in desktop virtualization and be able to use the hardware you already have. You can try this out for yourself today.

Announcing: the State of EUC, VDI and SBC union Survey 2017

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The industry’s biggest (almost) annual survey has just started again. For a couple of years now one thing is clear: Many discussions in the End User Computing, VDI and SBC space are not just about performance best practices and product comparisons. With so many VDI and SBC deployments out there, the differences are huge. It […]

Atlantis: The SDS/HCI Landscape – Future Outlook

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This quote totally applies to many developments in our industry. For instance, think about the mobile, workspace, data center and cloud computing developments over the past 10 years and try to imagine what is next for the next 5-10 years. How will this affect people, businesses and societies. Think about the opportunities and possibilities with […]

Atlantis TechJam – USX Health Check Tool

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Are you interested in gaining a better understanding of the health of your IT infrastructure? Now there’s a tool for that! Instead of running a ton of reports across different platforms, we’ve created a new easy way to get the metrics that will help you understand the overall health of your environment.

Atlantis USXCE – Become an Expert in 60 Minutes – On-Demand Webinar

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Ruben and Hugo provide an update on USX CE.

TechJam: Atlantis USX Provides Best Virtual Workspace Experience – On-Demand Webinar

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Jeff Keyes & Hugo Phan walk through Atlantis USX and demonstrate using it to create your own storage array.

Atlantis & AppSense: The Ultimate Workspace – On-Demand Webinar

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Join Ruben Spruijt and Simon Townsend review a number of key tools to build the ultimate workspace ecosystem.

New Innovations from Citrix and Atlantis for Simplifying Virtual Workspaces

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In the following on-demand webinar, Patrick Brennan discusses HPE Intelligent Edge Workspace Appliance

Atlantis – Introducing the First Purpose-Built Virtual Workspace Appliance Ever!

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This week at Citrix Summit, Citrix, HPE and Atlantis are announcing the HPE Edgeline EL4000 Intelligent Edge Workspace, as part of the new Citrix Ready HCI Workspace Appliance program that enables HCI appliances from hardware and storage partners to connect to the Citrix Cloud for automating the setup, management, and maintenance of XenApp/XenDesktop environments for […]

TechJam: Atlantis USX Community Edition In Action – On-Demand Webinar

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Jeff K & Ruben S do a walk through of the Atlantis USX CE. Learn about the volume types, Citrix plug in and more.

Atlantis Community Edition Available NOW

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Atlantis Computing is the industry leader in delivering software-defined storage (SDS) at scale since 2009.  Today is another milestone in our journey. We are pleased to provide access to the brand new USX-Community Edition (CE) so all Atlantis Community Experts (ACE), customers, partners, community peers, geeks and technology enthusiasts can witness the power of software […]

Atlantis: A CTO’s Top 5 End-User-Computing Predictions for IT Organizations in 2017 and Beyond

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What is on the horizon for end user computing? Wondering what is hot and what is not in 2017?  It’s time for radical changes in your workspace strategy, so get started now by reading my top 5 insights to ensure you and your workspace are ready for 2017 and beyond. 1.   Windows 10 Microsoft is […]

Atlantis: Bringing Enterprise Data Services to Containers and Microservice Architectures

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Atlantis has partnered with Rancher Labs to deliver a fully-automated, unified platform that can orchestrate and provision Docker containers and deliver purpose built application defined persistent storage for Docker containers.  It provides a single platform with a rich set of data services, provisioning and management of compute, storage and containers by combining in-memory and persistent […]

Atlantis TechJam On-Demand Webinar – USX Community Edition Preview

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Get a preview of the upcoming Atlantis USX Community Edition

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