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AppSense is the global leader in User Environment Management (UEM) with over 3,000 enterprise customers worldwide that have deployed to over 7 million desktops. AppSense DesktopNow and DataNow enable IT teams to deliver the ultimate user experience and productivity across physical and virtual desktops while optimizing security and reducing operational and infrastructure costs. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA with offices around the world.

AppSense: Increase Security by Becoming a ‘Control’ Freak in 7 Steps – Part 2 of 2

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This is Part 2 of Increase Security by Becoming a ‘Control’ Freak in 7 Steps (Pt. 1 of 2). 3. Enforce when ready. Once these trials have been completed and improvements made, management should announce that these features will be enabled on a certain date, but you should not enable enforcement on that date. Wait at […]

AppSense: Increase Security by Becoming a ‘Control’ Freak in 7 Steps – Part 1 of 2

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In the Version 6.0 update of the CIS Critical Security Controls, two control areas were elevated in priority because they provide a high level of risk mitigation against real-world attacks: Control 5: Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges “The processes and tools used to track/control/prevent/correct the use, assignment and configuration of administrative privileges on computers, networks […]

AppSense – Protecting Against Data Breaches: Managing Software And ‘Whitelisting’ Applications

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In response to recent changes in the CIS Critical Security Controls, a new focus has been placed on managing software across networks to prevent malicious data breaches. Here we will highlight the importance of this focus when it comes to controlling applications and whitelisting software. Actively controlling applications CIS Critical Security Controls Version 6.0 says […]

Why Targeted Cyber Attacks Succeed

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The security benefits of application control and privilege management are well known — they are often considered to be Security 101. Nonetheless, the majority of breach reports have determined that attacks succeeded because of either missing or ineffective controls and processes in these areas. In 2015, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 781 data […]

5 Proven Techniques to Ward Off Cyberattacks

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As cybersecurity breaches proliferate, targeting the user and the endpoint, the pressure on InfoSec and IT teams to protect their organization grows. Industry experts continue to highlight the basics of endpoint security in the ongoing battle to protect corporate computing resources and data. AppSense Endpoint Security Suite 2.0 provides InfoSec and IT teams with capabilities […]

The Secret to Being ‘Cool’ Is All About Prevention

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When it comes to endpoint security, prevention isn’t considered the cool approach. With the flood of news reports concerning security breaches, organizations of every kind are understandably obsessed with advanced cyber-threats. However, the industry buzz is all about detection and response and how these capabilities will help businesses strengthen their security. While prevention may not […]

New Threats Prompt Changes to Critical Security Controls

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For many years, real-world experience and studies such as the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report have been finding that the majority of attacks are enabled by failures in basic security hygiene: the failure by businesses and government agencies to focus on the security basics that raise the highest barriers against real-world attacks. Back in 2008, […]

AppSense: This Time It’s Personal – Revenge NOT Ransom

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The BBC reported yesterday that the Russian Hackers, known as the “Fancy Bears” had hacked the WADA (Worlds anti-doping agency) database utilizing a spear phishing attack. It seems that every week, yet another organization becomes victim to a ransomware or malware attack. Only last week did I discuss the new variant of Locky and the […]

AppSense: So You Haven’t Migrated to Windows 10… Yet?

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Unless you’ve been in cryogenic storage for the last 18 months, you’ve been deluged with information about Windows 10. Most recently, you’ve been barraged with Windows 10 Anniversary Update information. You may even read LANDESK and AppSense articles on how we can ease Windows 10 migration pain, specifically for  image deployment, application deployment and profile […]

AppSense Preventing the Double Hop in Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

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For many organisations Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop provides a secure way of deploying applications to third parties, remote support staff and contractors. Typical use cases can enable these users to connect to a Citrix-delivered application or desktop and allow them to access applications, maintain systems, provide remote assistance and or update network infrastructures. Whilst this […]

Locky / Zepto Ransomware Now Being Installed From DLL… We Don’t Care…

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It’s not just US healthcare organizations falling victim to malware and ransomware. Last week the BBC reported that the UK National Health Service and educational institutions are also feeling that pain. One example cited in the story was Bournemouth University, the establishment which awarded me a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Technology all […]

AppSense on Taking Another Look at Life Slicing

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Does our preoccupation with efficiency create cyber-security risk? At Citrix Synergy 2012, then-CEO Mark Templeton discussed an enormous change in our work-life paradigm driven by changes in corporate technology. Users were no longer tied to desktops running legacy applications from fixed terminals which sat within the corporate office. Instead, users could jump between their work […]

AppSense: New Integration of Xtraction and DesktopNow Provides Real Time Insight into Security Risks and User Experience

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This week at VMworld 2016 we’re announcing the second of our combined solutions from our AppSense-LANDESK family. The new integration of Xtraction with DesktopNow gives enterprises an easy-to-use reporting and dashboard solution that captures the wealth of data insights gained by DesktopNow and provides real-time, at-a-glance views into user experience, logon performance and risk behavior. […]

AppSense Improves Visibility of Desktop Environments with Availability of Xtraction for DesktopNow

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New Solution Delivers Self-Service Reporting and Real-Time Dashboards for Quick Visualization of User Experience, Logon Performance and Endpoint Security Data AppSense, the leading provider of User Environment Management solutions for the secure endpoint, today announced availability of Xtraction for DesktopNow, a new connector that provides easy access to real-time data from the AppSense DesktopNow Management Server […]