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Jason Samuel (@_JasonSamuel on Twitter) is an Infrastructure Architect in Houston, TX with a primary focus on mobility, virtualization, and cloud technologies from Citrix, VMware, & Microsoft. He also has an extensive background in web architecture and information security. He holds a degree from the University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business and is certified in several technologies. Jason is also a recipient of the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) award and an Atlantis Community Expert (ACE). He is a leader in his local Houston Citrix User Group Community and the CUGC Networking Special Interest Group.

Citrix NetScaler 11.1, NetScaler CPX, and NetScaler MAS webinar recording

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A few weeks ago we had our inaugural CUGC Networking SIG Webinar covering the NetScaler 11.1, NetScaler CPX, and NetScaler MAS releases. We had attendees from 36 countries represented on this live webinar so I guess these topics must be popular? It was presented by Networking SIG Leaders Dave Brett, Marius Sandbu, and myself. If […]

How to re-run the XenMobile Wizard on your Citrix NetScaler correctly

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The XenMobile wizard on your NetScaler that helps to integrate the appliance with your XenMobile deployment is actually pretty good. I’m starting to use it more and more with my deployments. I recently came across an issue where the wizard could not be re-run once an existing XenMobile config was removed. I want to discuss […]

How to setup Office Online Server with Citrix ShareFile StorageZone Controller & NetScaler

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Did you know you can get Office 365 document previewing capability in Citrix ShareFile with on premise files located on local storage zones in your datacenter? And it can be done in a secure and optimum way using Citrix NetScaler? You need to run a Microsoft Office Web Apps (OWA) server on premises for this […]

How to export an APNs SSL cert and key from one Citrix XenMobile appliance to another

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In this example I will show you how to export an SSL cert like an APNs (Apple Push Notification service) cert from one XenMobile appliance to another. And yes Apple wants you to spell it APNs instead of APNS. In this example I’m using the latest 10.3.5 version of XenMobile on both appliances. If you […]

Microsoft Azure Services, Deployment Models, ExpressRoute, & VNets Explained

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I get asked a lot of questions about Microsoft Azure. To really understand Azure you need to have a good basic understanding of where Azure is at today. Azure is constantly changing. New features are added pretty much every week. What you knew last year could be very different from how things are running today. […]

Love Citrix NetScaler? Talk to others like you & the NetScaler product team

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People say if they make an action figure of you, that’s when you know you’ve made it as a star in Hollywood. But what does it mean when Hollywood changes to fit around YOU? When a product has an entire Special Interest Group created around it and a whole “event-within-an-event” dedicated to it, that’s when […]

Deploying the Citrix ShareFile Outlook Plugin using AppSense Environment Manager

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One of the most popular tools for Citrix ShareFile is the ShareFile Outlook Plug-in. It’s a very lightweight install that allows a user to use ShareFile to share and request files without ever having to leave Outlook. The way the plugin works is ingenious and leverages the user’s existing email attachment workflow, they don’t have […]

How to deploy the X1 theme with Citrix ShareFile split login single sign-on page

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I’ve shown you how to use the X1 theme with NetScaler Gateway and StoreFront before. It’s the unifying theme Citrix is using across the great majority of their products. In this guide I’m going to show you how to get the same X1 look and feel on your ShareFile split login page when you use […]

How I saw AppSense Application Manager stop what EVERY email filter missed

Jason Samuel 0
A friend showed me a little trick to craft a special email message with the ability to attach any executable and it will go through to the recipient with no issue. You don’t even have to rename the extension from .exe to something else. I said no way, that’s not possible. There are too many […]

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