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    Citrix Releases Receiver for Windows 4.6 for Download

    Receiver for Windows 4.6 is available now with new capabilities like adaptive transport support in HDX, HTML5 video redirection, SNI support and keyboard layout synchronization. Lets learn more about these new capabilities. Preview next-generation user experience technologies The preview release of our new adaptive transport provides an early look into the next generation of XenApp and […]

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      Remote Desktop Protocol v8 (RDP 8) – Why You Need It!

      Three Letters: UDP, UDP, UDPI have spoken at multiple conferences (most recently BriForum Denver 2015 and Techmentor Las Vegas 2016) on the subject of RDP 8 and the numerous ways it improves the Remote Desktop user experience, even over less than reliable networks. Amazingly, I have discovered that very few server administrators who have a […]

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        Office 365 Planning, Implementing, and Optimizing on Virtual Desktops – On-Demand Webinar

        In this webinar hosted by FSLogix CEO Kevin Goodman, and Solutions Architect Dave Young, they present the critical elements to get your Office 365 implementation optimized. They begin by detailing the challenges involved with Office 365 on virtual desktops, and cap it off with answers to some of the vital planning questions, such as: How […]

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          Completely automate third-party patching via Microsoft SCCM

          Just like consumers, enterprises rarely have the same needs and requirements. Various organizations in the same industry often use different sets of applications. Moreover, an application that is vital to one company could be insignificant to another. To give ManageEngine customers the freedom to patch the specific set of applications they use, we have introduced […]

          App White Papers

            Key Considerations for a Performance Monitoring Solution for Your Citrix Infrastructure White Paper

            Unlike physical desktops where performance issues on a desktop affects one user, performance issues with Citrix technologies impact hundreds to thousands of users. In addition, slowness in tiers that the Citrix admin does not control (i.e. VMware vSphere, storage, network, etc.) can also affect the user experience. Therefore, performance monitoring is one of the most […]

            App Downloads

              Citrix Load & Performance Testing – Download AppLoader!

              Load testing for Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, PeopleSoft, Java, .NET, Adobe, client-server, Oracle, Siebel, SAP, web, custom apps and more Download NRG Global’s load and performance testing solution for all applications from the end user’s perspective. This easy-to-use, script-free load and performance testing solution stresses your application with real-life traffic to accurately assess end to end […]

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                Ultimate Desktop Virtualization and Application Remoting Best Practices – On-Demand Webinar

                Fasten your seatbelt for a fast-paced session on tips to learn Ultimate Desktop Virtualization and Application Remoting best practices! Over 30 leading experts in the Citrix, Microsoft and VMware industry came together to create the most unique guide in the storage industry, which includes over 200 desktop virtualization and application remoting best practices in 14 […]

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