Home Mobile Apple Watch broken – how to live one week without it?

Apple Watch broken – how to live one week without it?

Apple Watch broken – how to live one week without it?

Many people are asking me about how I like my Apple Watch. I usually say “I like it”. They want to know what I do with it. I tell them, I use it for notifications, to check out the weather and my activity. Also, it helps me to not miss phone calls, as my phone is usually on mute. When I forgot my Apple Watch at home, I felt like something was missing and I was not 100% functional.

Then it happened… I came back from a trip to Australia (this is why I was silent for a while on littlemsmobile.com) and one morning I took my Apple Watch from the charger. But, I was not holding my entire Apple Watch in my hands, the back part with the sensors was still on the charger. Only a small cable combined the two. It almost hurt to see my Apple Watch like this. I took the back part and pressed it against the Apple Watch body and waited for a bit. Then, it seemed fixed. The watch also still worked. But I had to go to the Apple Store to get it fixed as I could not risk this to happen again. Also, when I cleaned the Apple Watch before, I realized that parts of the outer layer peeled off, as I couldn’t see some of the letters of the writing on the back anymore. I could see white blobs instead.

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