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App-V Decision Matrix v7

App-V Decision Matrix v7

I re-thought the matrix to get it outside of the scope of just App-V but it’s still called the App-V Decision Matrix for a few reasons. I still love App-V and now App-V is now in box in Windows 10 Enterprise and Server 2016. More organizations have access to App-V than ever before. The App-V Sequencer is available as part of the Windows 10 ADK. It is for these reasons, I decided to keep this as the App-V Decision Matrix. I am using App-V as my baseline i.e. My app is X type of app and contains y can I deliver it with App-V? If not, what is a suitable alternative?

I only highlighted RDSH option such as XenApp, Horizon Apps, RDS, AppsAnywhere and Parallels once but all of the other products including containers and layers can be deployed to these types of platforms. Keep the decisions can be the same for desktops and RDSH.

If you think this matrix is overkill and you won’t have access to layering products or container products, you may find the previous version of the matrix more useful.

If you disagree with anything please comment.

Thank You for the Support

I have to thank Aaron Parker for the awesome job he did redesigning my early, awful Decision Matrix! Thanks, Aaron. I hope I didn’t mess it up too much making changes. Also a shout to Danny Clarke who made it even better again by adding a couple of extra decision points and making it much more streamlined. I would also like to thank the various people who reached out and offered to help update for this version. I’m sorry I didn’t work with you on it, my time management has been terrible recently. Thanks, fellas.

Read the entire article here, App-V Decision Matrix v7

Via the fine folks at FSLogix.


Founded by industry veterans Kevin Goodman and Randy Cook, FSLogix is a startup that came out of stealth mode at BriForum Chicago 2013. FSLogix Apps provides Dynamic Application Visibility, which enables policy-based control of when any application is visible to individual users or groups from a single golden image. With FSLogix Apps, IT administrators realize the benefits of application virtualization for all Windows® applications on physical, VDI and Citrix/RDSH platforms.FSLogix Apps is an advanced application filtering solution that enables administrators to dramatically reduce the number of images required to support any enterprise, with any deployment system, on any Windows based infrastructure. FSLogix Apps delivers Dynamic Application Visibility, and policy based control of application visibility to individual users or groups from a single golden image.

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We’ve worked with Rory to create an updated version of the matrix for 2017. He explains the changes in his article: http://rorymon.com/blog/?p=4225 and there’s a downloadable pdf of it and Powerpoint slides over on https://www.algiz-technology.com/app-v-decision-matrix.

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