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Accessing Azure Advisor using REST API

Accessing Azure Advisor using REST API

One of the cool still faily new services in Azure is the Azure Advisor feature. Azure Advisor is a service which provides insight into your subscription based upon high-availability, cost, performance or security (which is using Azure Security Center)

Using the UI (Portal) You can also download recommendations either using Excel or using PDF as well. However logging into each of these portal if you have multiple customers is a bit time consuming.

Luckily Azure Advisor is also accessable using the REST API, which can easily be scripted combined with Azure CLI from any linux host.

In order to use if you first need to send a POST command which will generate the recommendations, which I’m been using curl to achive

This script need two variables which is subscription and token (which is a service principal in Azure AD)

Read the entire article here, Accessing Azure Advisor using REST API

Via Marius Sandbu.

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu

Marius Sandbu (@msandbu on Twitter), works as an Cloud Architect at Exclusive Networks/BigTec in Norway. Primary focusing on Software defined datacenter solution and how they integrate with end-user computing technology and also works alot with cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure. Marius is also an Microsoft MVP, Veeam Vanguard, VMware vExpert and is also the author of many Citrix NetScaler books and shares his thought and ideas about technolgy on his blog.

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