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Chelsio Storage over IP and other Networks Enable Data Infrastructures

Greg Schulz

Chelsio and Storage over IP (SoIP) continue to enable Data Infrastructures from legacy to software defined virtual, container, cloud as well as converged. This past week I had a chance to visit with Chelsio to discuss data infrastructures, server storage I/O networking along with other related topics. More on Chelsio later in this post, however, […]

VMware: The Evolution of Infrastructure Is Driving Digital Transformation


VMware’s Pere Monclus, CTO for the Networking and Security Business Unit, explains why the evolution of infrastructure from hardware to software is driving digital transformation. Companies are using nascent technologies to reach new customers, automate processes, and put more productive tools into the hands of their employees. This business innovation is both supported by and […]

Nutanix .heart Program First Year Results – Video


After 12 months of giving back initiatives that promote diversity and support local communities, Nutanix celebrates the first year of .heart’s results. This video is from the fine folks at Nutanix.

Print Management In a VMware Environment


Download comprehensive best practices to get the most out of your enterprise IT environment and resources, from Tricerat. You’ll Learn: Common printing issues (and their solutions)Enterprise printing best practices Enterprise printing best practicesHow to simplify your healthcare print environment How to simplify your healthcare print environment Enable mobile printing to truly be able to print […]

RedHat OpenShift Security – Kubernetes Network Security


RedHat OpenShift and Kubernetes provide the tools to deploy and manage containers at scale. But how can OpenShift security be integrated into the workflow? In this briefing, NeuVector CTO Gary Duan introduces the docker container threat landscape and the Openshift security requirements for the Build, Ship, and Run phases. Runtime visibility and Kubernetes security is […]

Citrix: Meet Meshblu, Octoblu’s Internet of Things Engine

Citrix Systems

Citrix’ Octoblu platform is a powerful iSaaS (integration SaaS) automation platform. Gartner defines iSaaS as: Integration SaaS (iSaaS), aka cloud citizen integrator services, provide integration tools and cloud-based prepackaged and configurable integration flows (“cloudstreams”) aimed at helping consumers and business users solve simple application and data integration issues. Its value proposition is that integration tasks can be […]

The Power of deviceTRUST – v23c Window Hammer Video


In today’s video we would like to introduce you to a product called Window Hammer developed from our UK-based reseller Virtual 23 Consulting. Virtual 23 Consulting is using Window Hammer together with deviceTRUST in a Citrix XenApp deployment with the published desktop as the main users’ desktop and multiple applications served from other XenApp silos […]

Microsoft: New SQL Server 2016 functionality helps SAP supportability


Due to the combined effort of the SAP – Microsoft Porting group the SQL Server Development team added a new functionality to the SQL Server UPDATE STATISTICS command and to the way SQL Server automatically updates statistics. This new functionality enables the SAP customers on SQL Server to persist a sample rate of the manual […]

Citrix on the The Future of Work in One Minute – Video

Citrix Systems

Jacob Morgan, futurist, 3x best selling author and keynote speaker interviews Tim Minahan, senior vice president and chief marketing officer (CMO) at Citrix share sound bites on the future of work. This video is from the fine folks at Citrix

VW, NVIDIA Seeking AI Startups for Collaboration


Volkswagen and NVIDIA offering five startups access to GPU technology, mentoring and funding to nurture their machine learning businesses. Volkswagen and NVIDIA are looking to help five top startups put the pedal to the metal in the race to bring new technology to the automotive industry.The companies selected will join the Startup Collaboration Space at […]

NVIDIA: See How AI Can Transform Work at GTC DC 2017


Join NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference Nov. 1-2 in D.C. for AI training, insights, and access to experts. Govt. registers free. http://nvda.ws/2uZ7M1r This video is via NVIDIA.

Is That IaaS or Just Really Good Virtualization?


I was recently pulled into a Twitter conversation that spawned off a blog post Paul Galjan made concerning Microsoft Azure Stack IaaS and its use cases in which he correctly pointed out that Azure Stack is not just a VM dispenser.  The question was posed as to what exactly constitutes IaaS vs. virtualization (VM dispenser) […]

VMware: The Future of the Digital Workspace Revealed at VMworld 2017


As VMware expands its business, the footprint of VMworld has grown to accommodate its expanded portfolio of solutions and services, and the increased interest among IT professionals. Nowhere is that more evident than in this year’s expansive line-up of end-user computing (EUC) sessions and the enthusiasm for learning about digital workspace technologies. Comprehensive and Visionary […]

Gartner: Can AI Do Too Much?


A front page article in today’s US print edition of the Wall Street Journal’s Business and Finance section, titled “Let’s Prevent ETF’s From Eating the Economy” caught my eye.  The article calls out how the share of mutual funds now parked in passive ETFs now exceeds those in active vehicles.  What does this mean?  An […]

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