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7 Ways to Survive Changes in the IT World

7 Ways to Survive Changes in the IT World

If there is one thing that is consistent in the world of IT, it’s change. Changes come at us daily, sometimes so fast that we miss what even happened. Being in IT for over 20 years has shown me that we must not only be good at adapting to changes, but also quick to do so. If we let our guard down, we could get left behind. It’s exhausting, but the challenges are very rewarding!

My Beginnings

I started working in the industry when the 386 computer was mainstream, and the Internet as we knew it was a series of squeaks, pops and rattles followed by a friendly “Boing!” that indicated that your brand new 14.4k modem had connected to another computer and you could now download your email from UUNET. The term “Geek” was an insult, and shelling out over $100 per megabyte for a hard drive was an awesome deal!

Even before that I was spending hours upon hours typing in BASIC on my Commodore Vic20 (which still works) just to watch a square “ball” bounce across the screen. I was thrilled when I discovered the Datasette, a cassette tape drive that actually stored your programs and saved hours of typing, allowing you to instead go brew a pot of coffee, get the newspaper and read the help wanted ads while it loaded your favorite 8-bit game.

A lot has changed. I’ve not only survived – I’m now VP of a managed IT services company that I helped launch in the 90’s, Holland Computers, Inc. So how did I do it? What is my trick to surviving in the cutthroat world of IT?  I learned to adapt and I learned how to do it quickly.

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Established in 2004, Devolutions is a Canadian-based company located near Montreal, Quebec. The firm currently has over 200,000 users in over 100 countries, and is on a mission to develop innovative enterprise software that helps users cost-effectively, simply and effectively achieve their network management, password management, credentials management and security goals. The firm is also committed to providing exceptional technical support, ensuring an excellent user experience that exceeds expectations, and delivering high performance with superior quality. The firm’s current roster of solutions includes Remote Desktop Manager, Password Vault Manager, Devolutions Server (formerly Remote Desktop Manager Server), and Devolutions Cloud (formerly Remote Desktop Manager Online).

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