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5 Ways in Which Cloud Computing Changed Marketing


We live in the age of technological revolutions. Just a couple of decades ago the Internet completely changed the way we perceive the world and live our lives; now it is time for a new revolution, and its name is cloud computing. It is very likely that the world, both business world and the world in general, in five years will be a completely different place thanks to it. Want proof? Here are just five tools that revolutionized marketing in recent years.

1.    Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Only recently ERP wasn’t available to anyone but the largest and richest companies that could afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on solutions that were far from being surefire. The advent of Cloud brought ERP to virtually any business that cares to get it – which means better optimization, higher efficiency and greater profits. 

2.    Availability and Security of Information

With the appearance of the Cloud, especially after large, well-established companies started to enter this business and offer their clients their technological solutions, marketers no longer have to worry about how their information is doing. If you have any device that can connect to the Internet, you may instantly access any information of your information you are authorized to access. In addition to being just plain convenient, it means that there is no need to bother about backups – and the Cloud will guard your data from trespassers than any vault. 

3.    Cost-Efficiency

What really sends one head spinning when it comes to discussing the Cloud is how cheap it is. The fact that there is no need to build up millions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure and you can have a perfectly working cloud-based system with almost any device and Internet access means that it is available to virtually any business. And it, in turn, means that more and more systems are going to move to the Cloud, and its market is going to explode in the next few years.

4.    Automation of Marketing

Although it is hard to surprise anybody with Internet marketing today, and it already has drastically changed the way marketing works, its current state is still very far from ideal. It is still comprised of a tiresome and time-consuming tasks that has to be done manually. Cloud-based services aimed at automating this process dramatically decrease the number of such tasks necessary to successfully run a business; moreover, it means that the entire process is more precise than if it is run by men who are, as we all know, prone to error.

5.    Web Analytics

It may feel like a lifetime away, but there was time when all the statistics of a website – visitors, clicks and suchlike – had to be done via studying, sometimes manually, server log files. Thankfully, this barbarity is gone, never to return – instruments like Google Analytics and Velocify have firmly established themselves as providers of these services. As a result, today we have an easy and often free access to veritable goldmines of information about our websites and can make informed decisions on how to run them, what needs to be changed and what is in dire need to improvement.

They say that technological progress is constantly getting faster, and spans between technological breakthroughs – smaller. It seems that we are living just at the moment when a new game-changer – cloud technologies – has come and swiftly permeates all nooks and crannies of our lives. It has already brought considerable changes to the sphere of marketing – and in the years to come we are going to see much more. But in order to gain full benefits from it one has to start adopting them now – so don’t lose your chance! 

Written by: Victoria Klochkova

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