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5 Things to Help Avoid A Desktop Virtualization Virtual Disaster

5 Things to Help Avoid A Desktop Virtualization Virtual Disaster

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is an up and coming technology that has brought excitement and anticipation to the IT industry and businesses across the world. Located in one central datacenter, Virtual machines (VMs) allow users to work on thin clients, which are inexpensive to purchase and require minimal upgrades, cutting substantial hardware and repair expenses. If a VM is corrupted or destroyed, a new copy can easily be replicated, providing users with a fresh machine each time they logon and minimizing time wasted by sys admins. 

However, the innovation of VDI does not magically erase the problems that plague physical machines. Contrary to some opinions, switching your enterprise’s computing environment to VDI is not a cure all. In fact, along with these reoccurring issues come a crop of new problems that may arise if not initially confronted and dealt with properly.
This article with discuss five problem areas that, if swept under the rug and ignored, will cause countless headaches down the road.
5.) Monitor Your Desktop Farm
When transitioning from the physical to virtual machine, don’t forget to update your monitoring capabilities. The ability to keep a careful watch on your desktop farm from a central console, maintain a record of essential statistics, and report as necessary on any given action, makes the difference between a tightly run and safely secured computing environment and a business whose server farm is riddled with system vulnerabilities and consequent expenses. 
triCerat’s Simplify Visibility offers a set of tools built into the Simplify Suite to assist in monitoring, auditing, and reporting on the actions taking place on your desktop farm. This provides essential information that will enforce your business’ security and help guide your decision making process.
4.) Securing the Desktop
It’s time to arm yourself. Downtime caused by system vulnerabilities has grown from five percent in 2004 to fifteen percent in 2008. Overcoming such percentages must be one of your priorities when changing to a VDI environment.
Contain end users to only the applications they need in order to fulfill their work obligation. Don’t let them run amok on the system you’ve worked so hard to implement and maintain. Ensure a productive work environment. Simplify Lockdown and Simplify Desktop offer peace of mind by providing easy configuration combined with a fully customizable desktop and the ability to monitor and maintain any controlled application by way of a white or black list.
Make sure you are equipping your business for success by giving it the tools it needs to function on as little money as possible while producing maximum revenue. Investing in a superior desktop management system is more important than ever.
3.) Simplify the Printing Process 
This is an area that needs serious attention when switching from the physical to virtual machine. Administrators will need to install multiple print drivers on each VM if users have local printers. Every new model printer will require a new driver on each virtual machine, which ends up being very time consuming and tedious work. ScrewDrivers offers the ideal solution. Equipped with a Universal Print Driver (UPD), you can print local or remote requests with ease. No more dizzying print driver installations.
Other print solutions use programs that result in overly complicated management systems that confuse rather than clarify remote printing. The implementation of various formats such as EMF or PDF to achieve printing introduces unnecessary complications. The Simplify Printing Bundle is a printing solution that enhances triCerat’s ScrewDrivers proven print technology by allowing you to mirror print drivers from the network print server directly to a Terminal Server, bypassing the user’s end point entirely. Assume full control of your VDI environment by assigning print jobs on a granular level based on users, workstations, and groups, integrating the Windows’ Active Directory (AD) for centralized access control. 
2.) Machine Settings
You want to ensure that your VM is running as efficiently as it can. By not doing so you risk losing money by expending unnecessary funds on energy and lessened work production.
Simplify Profiles provides various settings that give you the power to control your desktop farm to best serve your business. Users often encounter a choppy viewing experience due to a high volume of complex graphics. Simplify Profiles lets you turn off whichever desktop visual effects you like to give users a smoother viewing experience. Control power settings to prevent VMs from hibernating or standing by, whereby saving you precious hours and energy.
It’s important to remember that everything adds up and saving time and money in any way may make all the difference in the success of your enterprise.
1.) Controlling User Settings
Implementing and saving your end users’ settings is paramount because without their necessary customizations, they will not be able to do their job as efficiently. If they can’t easily access their work tools yet have the freedom to run wild on your system, users may end up surfing the Internet or playing Tetris rather than doing work. However, you don’t want to pare down their settings too much or the same thing will end up happening anyway.
Simplify Profiles ends corrupted user profiles, roaming profile problems, and sluggish logon and off times. Lessen the time you spend on lengthy and frustrating support calls by keeping users satisfied with a stable desktop environment while providing a continuously fast database connection.
triCerat has the user management software for your new VDI environment that provides the middle ground between profile security, system manageability, and a predictable user workspace that can be saved from one session to the next. Simplify Profiles allows you to set and maintain the application details that users need to work efficiently and provides a point and click control console so you can control all application registry entries at logon and off.
Visit triCerat’s website at www.tricerat.com or call our team at 800.582.5167 to find out more about products and services or to schedule a free demo. Take the leap and start your ROI now.
Tricerat triCerat - http://www.tricerat.com - is a leader in the development of third-party tools for managing complex virtual desktop (VDI) and server-based computing (SBC) environments. Whether is desktop management, security or print management, our solutions can help. Our tools are used in many different types of environments - be it Citrix, VMware or Terminal Services.

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