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3 Keys to Unlock the Value of Windows 10 Monitoring

3 Keys to Unlock the Value of Windows 10 Monitoring

Over the course of our 20-year history, one conversation has remained constant: enterprise IT’s boundaries continue to expand, particularly now with the rise of third-party managed resources. Today, one of the most important rollouts that personifies this expansion is Windows 10.

Microsoft has broken new ground with one of the first operating systems to be delivered as a service. Not only does this model translate to more frequent, continuous updates, but it also facilitates cloud adoption, further encouraging the buzzworthy hybrid environments.

According to Gartner, “By the end of 2017, about 85 percent of organizations will have started Windows 10 deployments.” Business are clearly starting to hop on the Windows 10 bandwagon before Windows 7 support ends in 2020, but what should they do once they get there?

The good news for IT is that Windows 10 presents new options for optimizing the environment and decreasing IT’s workload. Want to take advantage of those benefits? Read on for our top three key concepts to consider when monitoring Windows 10.

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Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software is a leader in Workspace Analytics. We make SysTrack, a scalable, people-centric solution that helps organizations better understand and support end-users’ computing needs and habits, as well as make sourcing and deployment decisions based on real data.

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