Home Cloud Computing 13 reasons that MIGHT prevent companies from successfully leveraging public cloud services

13 reasons that MIGHT prevent companies from successfully leveraging public cloud services

13 reasons that MIGHT prevent companies from successfully leveraging public cloud services

Cloud computing seems to be the holy grail, at least that is the impression I get when I scroll down my Linked-in and Twitter timelines. Don’t get me wrong, like everybody else I’m also excited about everything that is going on around ‘the cloud’ and the potential it brings to the table, never mind the type of public cloud service used. I mean, no upfront investments, flexibility, burst capacity (up and downscaling) at our fingertips, ease of management and maintenance and so on, what’s not to like? But, ‘the cloud’ is also just getting started, it isn’t ‘mature’ and/or seen as proven technology by many – there are still a bunch of reasons why companies might wait to leverage (public) cloud computing in general, go hybrid or perhaps won’t join the cloud movement at all, at least not for the first couple of years. I just wanted to put this out there and see what you guys think.

Disclaimer: the purpose of this article is not to dish ‘the cloud’, I’m not saying ‘the cloud’ is bad or that you shouldn’t make use of ‘the cloud’. ‘The cloud’ holds great potential and it will continue to evolve in rapid pace, I’m sure. I’ve come across numerous use-cases myself (in fact, I’m studying the Azure architecture as we speak, exam included) and I love the innovation going on between Citrix and Microsoft as well – now we’re getting somewhere. But… ‘the cloud’ is not for everybody, is has downsides as well, eventually not every company is going to move their datacenters into ‘the cloud’ and even in the case of hybrid deployments this will take time.

The general assumption

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Bas van Kaam

About 17 years ago Bas van Kaam started his IT career as a helpdesk support technician from where he worked his way up to system engineering, consulting and architecting mostly by self-study, attending seminars, conferences and webinars, something which he enjoys doing still. From a technical point of view he specializes in (partly) designing, building, maintaining, troubleshooting and optimizing Microsoft & SBC / VDI (Citrix) oriented infrastructures for mid-sized and larger companies. Bas is well known within the community for his contributions on his own personal website / blog: basvankaam.com where he shares his thoughts and knowledge on an ongoing basis. He is also a frequent presenter / speaker on national as well as international events and conferences like the Dutch Citrix User Group (DuCUG), the Expert to Expert Virtualization Conference (E2EVC) and the Virtual Community NRW (Germany). He has been part of the Match.GeeK program during Citrix Synergy and also spoke at the first ever Virtual Expo (webinar) where he presented on Citrix native Printing. He loves the myCUGC community and as such is a (very) frequent forum visitor, contributor and has been appointed as one of the forum moderators. All this also resulted in being elected member of the month at one point. Also make sure to look Bas up on Twitter (@BasvanKaam) and Linked-In on which he is very active as well. Bas has been recognized as a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP class of 2016), one of only 50 worldwide, a Citrix Subject Matter Expert (SME) for his contributions to the XenDesktop 7.6 exams and he is also named a Nutanix Technology Champion (NTC) for 2014 / 2015 / 2016. Some of his professional certifications include but are not limited to: CCSP, CCA (X4) CCAA, CCEE, CCIA, CCE-V, MCSA (X3), MCSE (X3), VCP. Bas is currently employed by The Detron ICT Group, one the leading SBC and VDI consultancy companies based in the Netherlands, where he fulfills the role of Senior Management Consultant and Citrix Product Lead.

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